My heart beats for Himachal : Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

Shimla:  Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said that Himachal is her permanent home, her heart resides in Himachal, not Delhi. That is why she comes to Himachal again and again to meet the innocent people here.

Priyanka Gandhi, who reached Himachal for election campaign, held rallies one after the other.Priyanka Gandhi  Vadra fiercely targeted Prime Minister Modi in Kutlehad of Gagret in Hamirpur parliamentary constituency. Priyanka Gandhi started her address in Kutlehad with the land of Baba Rudranand  and Mata Chintpurni.

She (Priyanka Gandhi) said that it is a matter to understand that those who take the name of Ram and those who do the work of Ram are different. The name of Lord Ram is taken again and again for votes. Two elections have passed in ten years. Now it is the turn of the third election. Whatever propaganda the BJP has done in the elections has been in the name of religion. Modi  had also fought the first election in the name of religion. After winning the election, he did not even mention the promises made during the election campaign. In 2014, Modi talked about doubling the income of farmers, giving two crore jobs every year, bringing back black money but no promise was fulfilled. When the elections came again after five years, he did not talk about inflation, unemployment and giving 15 lakh rupees, no employment was provided, the condition of the country worsened even more due to demonetization. The small savings that women had collected were also taken back during demonetization. He said that GST was brought and everything became expensive. Five years have passed again and again the same talks of religion-caste, Hindu-Muslim which are their habit have made the public also talk.

She (Priyanka Gandhi) said that Modi himself does not go to Varanasi nor does the MP of Hamirpur come. He just goes to inaugurate and lay the foundation stone. She said that Modi has started a new type of politics in 10 years. Now the time has come to get out of it.

She said that the habits of leaders have been spoiled all over the country. The MPs of this place are seen in big palaces, on cricket and on stages but did not come here during the time of disaster.

Recalling an incident of disaster, Mrs. Vadra (Priyanka Gandhi) said that a family in Shimla was hit by a devastating disaster and a little girl who had gone to the temple with her grandfather also died. BJP leaders did not remember Himachal in this disaster.

She said that the state government has taken a step to give relief to women from inflation by giving them Rs 1500 but BJP does not want women to get this right and instead has complained to the Election Commission to stop it. Inflation is at its peak. Today, along with education, one has to be afraid of getting children married. Unemployment is at its peak in the country. 70 crore unemployed are wandering from door to door. 30 lakh posts are lying vacant. Those who have studied from big institutions have become unemployed. Leaders have stopped working because accountability has been abolished.

She said that the PM’s behavior is fooling the people of the country. The way he behaves with the people of the country does not suit this post. He talks about buffalo and mangalsutra.

Vadra (Priyanka Gandhi) said that former Prime Minister Late Indira Gandhi became a martyr for the country but did not ask for a single vote in the name of religion. She brought green revolution in the country, taught Pakistan a lesson and divided it into two parts.

She said that the state government has done excellent work during the disaster. Those who went to serve the affected people day and night but the BJP people kept doing politics only.  Modi and the MPs here kept working to topple the government like thieves, they were taking the MLAs from here to there like thieves, which the country has seen. Sometimes Chandigarh and sometimes Uttarakhand. BJP says that the constitution has to be changed but the right to vote will be taken away from you. The government which can bring a scheme like Agniveer cannot have patriotism in its heart. The feeling of the martyr’s family is for patriotism but how would PM Modi know the patriotism of the martyr’s family.

She said that  Modi sold the country’s property to his millionaire friends. Apple, coal, port, airport, everything was sold to his best friend. He refused to give 9000 crores of the state government. During the time of disaster, not a single rupee was received from the center. 16 lakh crores of 22 billionaires of the country were waived off. But the loan taken by the farmers was not waived off. Now is the time to bring change in the country. She said that the time has come for the people to become aware and they have to be taught a lesson on June 1.

Vadra said, “Himachal is her permanent home, her heart is in Himachal, not Delhi. That is why she comes to Himachal again and again to meet the innocent people here.”


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