Chardham revellers make a beeline for holy shrine


Dehradun: Since the start of Chardham Yatra in Uttarakhand, a flood of devotees is pouring in. Despite the prescribed number, devotees coming in double the number are being allowed to visit the Dhams. No devotee should go back without visiting is the clear instruction. For this, the entire government machinery is engaged in making arrangements, but the arrangements are also looking less in front of the flood of devotees.

So far 12,79,969 devotees have visited the four Dhams and Hemkund Sahib. Among these, the maximum number of devotees have reached the door of Baba Kedar. With the start of Chardham Yatra from May 10, the number of devotees is increasing daily. In Kedarnath Dham, the number of devotees is not coming below 20 thousand. Before the start of the Yatra, the number was fixed to allow the pilgrims to visit the Dhams in a systematic manner, but looking at the number of pilgrims coming, it seems impossible to provide darshan in the prescribed number.

Where more than 20 thousand devotees are reaching Kedarnath Dham daily for darshan. In such a situation, sending the prescribed number of 18 thousand devotees for darshan is a very challenging task. Since May 10, 531575 devotees have taken Baba’s blessings in Kedarnath Dham.

The doors of Yamunotri Dham were also opened on May 10 in Abhijeet Muhurta. So far 229654 pilgrims have earned virtue by visiting Maa Yamunotri in Yamunotri Dham. Due to Akshaya Tritiya, the doors of Gangotri Dham were opened on the same day. Since the opening of the doors, 220374 pilgrims have visited Maa Ganga.

Compared to previous years, this time the arrangements fell short in front of the influx of pilgrims in Yamunotri and Gangotri Dham, but from the government to the local administration, everyone got busy making arrangements and in a short time, arrangements were made to provide convenient darshan to the pilgrims in the Dhams.

The doors of Badrinath Dham were opened on 12 May. So far 287412 devotees have reached Badrinath Dham to visit Badri Narayan. A flood of devotees is pouring in all the Dhams on weekends. Even after visiting the Dhams, thousands of devotees are reaching daily to visit Maa Dhari Devi. The doors of Hemkund Sahib were opened on 25 May. After the opening of the doors in Hemkund Sahib, the holy shrine of the Sikhs, 10954 devotees have paid obeisance so far. In total, 12,79,969 pilgrims have reached the four Dhams and Hemkund Sahib.


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