Motivagers Club keeping senior citizens motivated

Motivagers Club

Lucknow: Motivagers Club, an organization that has been spreading happiness on the faces of the elderly for the past several years, organized a special program (Health and Happiness Talk) at The Savoy. In which health sessions, live music as well as some fun activities were also organized for the senior citizens of the city. While on one hand the senior citizens ensured their participation by being very active in the program, the youth team of the club motivated all the seniors present there and boosted their morale!

During the program, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Saurav Shukla, who was present as a guest, shared important information with all the seniors about joint pain, arthritis and physical fitness. During this, all the senior citizens present there asked their questions to the doctor and shared all the information about the problems that occur during old age. Dr. Saurav Shukla said that most people ignore arthritis, whereas surgery can also be prevented by its treatment and precaution at the right time.

By playing the Toung Twister game, the members proved that Dil toh Bachcha Hai and everyone had a lot of fun. In the quiz competition, some questions related to health were asked which are useful in daily routine. On the same stage, the senior citizens and youth of the club enthralled the audience with their songs.

Club founder Gaurav Chhabra said that our endeavour is to bring senior citizens and youth together and organize such programs so that the distance between the two generations can be reduced.


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