Mental Gym by Dr Mamta Shukla decodes changing work culture

Mental Gym

Lucknow: Mental Gym is an attempt to draw attention towards three important aspects, which are changing drastically especially post pandemic- Education, lifestyle and workplace dynamics.

It is high time that all the stakeholders must realize that the environment is changing continuously and we need to take effective measures to maintain healthy mindset, value based education and amiable work setting. We have witnessed significant changes in the way work is done, employees are more focused on maintaining work-life balance, and they are zero tolerance for toxic work culture.

Female employees are contributing significantly in the workplaces, a substantial number occupying the key leadership positions also. In general, people have become mindful about their eating habits and taking a positive step towards healthy lifestyle.

In spite of all these positive changes, a deterioration in values, especially in youngsters, it is observed, which needs immediate corrective action. They are engrossed in virtual world with a little care towards the impact it is creating on their life and career. The book gives an opportunity to introspect and act on all the issues which will definitely shape our lives in near future.


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