India’s Nostradamus predicts World War 3 date

Third World War

New Delhi: The Indian astrologer, who is called the new Nostradamus, insisted on his prediction of June 18, 2024, saying that the Third World War is going to break out in two days. Kushal Kumar told The Daily Star that the terrorist attack on the India-Pakistan border, the crossing of the demarcation line in South Korea by North Korean soldiers and the escalation of tension between Israel and Lebanon are all signs of this.

Third World War Prediction: Be it the war between Russia-Ukraine or the war going on between Israel and Palestine, both these wars are currently discussed all over the world. Both the wars have been going on for years and are still not stopping. Even the war going on between these countries is becoming more dangerous instead of stopping.

The ongoing war between the two countries has affected the whole world. The whole world has been divided into many parts in support of these countries. Continuous ground attacks are being carried out by Israel. Looking at the situation, it does not seem that there is going to be a settlement in this war so soon.

Meanwhile, Indian astronomer Kushal Kumar, famous as the ‘new Nostradamus’, has made a shocking prediction.

Actually, according to the prediction of the new Nostradamus Kushal Kumar, the Third World War may start in the world on June 18 . Earlier Kushal Kumar had correctly predicted the death of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi (who died in a helicopter crash last month).

Kushal, famous as the ‘new Nostradamus’, told the ‘Daily Star’ that now, on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, there is the strongest planetary stimulus to start the Third World War. Earlier, he had predicted the death of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi, who died in a helicopter crash last month.

Indian astrology referred to many wars

In a post on ‘The Medium’, Kumar has referred to the recent terrorist attack on Hindu pilgrims in the Indian-administered Kashmir state. He has also talked about the firing in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. The ‘new Nostradamus’ has also talked about the escalation of tensions and conflicts between Israel and the Islamic terrorist organization Hezbollah after the Lebanon-based organization fired rockets at the Jewish state.


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