Media should maintain its objectivity – Jagdeep Dhankhar

New Delhi: Underlining the nation’s rich history as a pluralistic and democratic nation, the Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar speaking at an event stressed that “CAA does not deprive any Indian citizen of his or her citizenship”. He underlined that recent steps by way of CAA are aimed at providing relief to persecuted religious minorities in neighbourhood without infringing upon the rights of any existing citizens.

Addressing the gathering at the ‘NDTV Indian of the Year Awards 2023-2024’,  Dhankhar expressed his pain over the failure of some sections to realise the soothing impact of steps like CAA guided by the values of secularism, equality, and justice enshrined in our constitution.

“It is unfortunate that some failed to recognise the historical context and soothing impact from human rights perspectives to persecuted minorities in neighbourhood,” he added.

Recognizing the role of media as fourth pillar of democracy and its influence over social discourse, the Vice-President stressed upon the need for a independent and objective media. “Media should be an agent to convey right perspectives to understand India rather than be a prey to orchestrated narratives seeking to taint and tarnish our image”, he added.

Touching upon the issues of media credibility and self regulation,  Dhankhar emphasised that media credibility “lies solely within its own control, by being objective and not getting involved in politics.” Media will emerge the nation’s conscience keeper if it takes care of its conscience, he added.

Cautioning against the politicization of media, VP reflected, “media can not be a registered recognized or unrecognized political party” cautioning that media should take all precautions so as not to become a battleground for partisan politics.

Referring to the challenges of misinformation and fake news,  Dhankhar underlined the responsibility of media to be a watchdog and curb such misinformation. “Informed public is spinal strength of democracy”, he added.

Further in his address, VP appealed to all sections of industry to practice economic nationalism. Praising the work being done by the young journalists working in tier two & three cities,  Dhankhar for handholding them.

Tracing the journey of Indian economy from fragile five to big five Dhankhar, emphasised that “National mood is one of Hope and Possibility”. He further underscored the unprecedented economic rise, exponential infrastructural growth, and technological penetration in the country.

Acknowledging India’s constitutionally structured vibrant democracy with robust justice system,  Dhankhar noted “Democratic Values optimally blossom and flourish with there being equality before law; accountable and transparent governance”.

Sanjay Pugalia, Editor-in-chief NDTV, Amitabh Kant ,  Amjad Ali Khan, awardees and other dignitaries were also present on the occasion.


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