Arvind Kejriwal, a kingpin brought to book – Smriti Irani

Arvind Kejriwal, Smriti Irani

New Delhi: Union Minister of Women and Child Development,  Smriti Irani addressed a press conference at the Bharatiya Janata Party’s headquarters in New Delhi. During the press conference, Smriti Irani emphasized the alleged corruption cases involving Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, such as liquor policy manipulation and government resource misuse. Irani condemned the AAP for allegedly using the ₹45 crore corruption money from the liquor policy in the Goa election campaign. She emphasized that the claims against Kejriwal were robust and were not rebutted by his advocate.

BJP Senior leader  Smriti Irani questioned how an individual (Arvind Kejriwal) holding a constitutional position, who does not adhere to the truth, can define corruption through political means.  Irani pointed out that details of Arvind Kejriwal’s misconduct and wrongdoings are uncovered now. Irani expressed her distress over the revelations of corruption involving Arvind Kejriwal in recent media reports. According to the reports presented in court, it was alleged that Vijay Nair, identified by Kejriwal, collaborated with specific liquor companies to influence excise policies. Additionally, Sameer Mahendru was accused of embezzling one crore rupees from M/s Radha Industries, with allegations that he transferred funds to Vijay Nair amounting to  ₹ 2- 4 crores. Irani mentioned that none of Arvind Kejriwal’s legal representatives refuted these details

Irani stated that even in the recent court proceedings regarding cases filed against Arvind Kejriwal under PMLA and CBI, his lawyers failed to present any significant arguments.  Irani disclosed certain aspects of the Arvind Kejriwal case to the media. On September 4, 2020, under Manish Sisodia’s directives, the Delhi government established an expert committee chaired by the former Excise Commissioner. This committee submitted its report on October 13, 2020, which was subsequently made public on December 31, 2020. Following this, 14,671 suggestions based on the report were presented to Arvind Kejriwal’s Council of Ministers on February 5, 2021. Notably, key ministers among them included Manish Sisodia, Satyendra Jain, and Kailash Gehlot. The documents submitted to the court clearly demonstrate that alterations were made to these records without justification, and the revised report was never disclosed to the public.

Irani stated that on February 23, 2023, the CA of BRS leader K. Kavitha, Butchi Babu, released a statement alleging that Vijay Nair, known as ‘My boy’ by Arvind Kejriwal, presented provisions to manipulate the liquor policy to ensure profit for K. Kavitha. WhatsApp chats of Bucchi Babu regarding the offer were presented in court, which were not refuted by Kejriwal’s lawyers. According to publicly available documents, Kejriwal allegedly solicited a bribe from the ‘South Group’.

Union Minister Smt Irani claimed that Arvind Kejriwal came with promises of change and transparency. However, instead of fulfilling those promises, he allegedly defrauded the public using state instruments. Today, he stands in front of the law to be prosecuted for his crimes.  The Kingpin of the crime was finally brought to justice.


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