Making people aware about Universal Franchise


Lucknow: The parliamentary general election of 2024 is being organised for people between April 19th – June 1st, 2024, by the Indian Election Commission, New Delhi. In this election, 1.8 crores new voters are enrolled and are going to exercise their voting rights for the first time. The number of new voters, aged between 20 and 29, is approximately 20 crores.

A Voter Awareness Program was organized  for people at the School of Management Sciences, Lucknow. Anup Gupta, Mission Leader, founder of I Care India, was the guest speaker of the event. A Voter Awareness Rally was also conducted by the students of the institute.

In the program, Secretary and Chief Executive Officer Sharad Singh emphasised that we should motivate everyone in our surroundings to vote.

During the event, Director Dr. Ashish Bhatnagar, Director General (Technical) Prof. Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Associate Director Prof. Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Dean Engineering and Dean student welfare were present.

Meanwhile voting awareness drives have been organised by various educational institutions in the city. Lucknow University and Khun Khun Ji Girls PG College jointly organised a voting awareness campaign.

Lucknow University vice-chancellor Prof Alok Kumar Rai and principal of Khun Khun ji Girls PG College, Prof Anshu Kedia, along with teachers, professors and students took out a march in Chowk and distributed pamphlets making people aware why voting is necessary to keep democracy alive.

Isabella Thoburn College organised a signature campaign on the campus for electoral awareness among students under the guidance of principal Prof Panzy Singh. A voting awareness campaign was also organised by Study Hall Educational Foundation.


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