Lucknow begging syndicate stands exposed

Lucknow begging syndicate

Lucknow: In blowing the lid over the Lucknow begging syndicate, the number of women begging at the crossings of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, as well as at bus stands, railway stations and other crowded places has increased rapidly in the last 10 years.

In the year 2013, the team of Child Line conducted a survey at the main crossings of the city regarding the increasing number of beggars making a formidable part of the Lucknow begging syndicate. In this, details of beggars were collected from Polytechnic Square, Railway Station to outside the bus stands.

Women begging with children were also talked to. In this, the link of the begging syndicate reached Babban in Chinhat. Despite a lot of efforts, the team of Child Line could not reach Babban. After this, the entire report was sent to the government, which is gathering dust in the Social Welfare Headquarters till date.

After Babban’s name came to light, the team kept searching for him in Chinhat for about a month. During this time Babban’s family was found. The team prepared a report and sent it from the DM office to the government level. However, no one paid attention to the report. Whereas in the report, it was suggested to catch Babban to connect the beggars to the mainstream. But no department paid attention.

Social worker Sangeeta Sharma said that I was the director of Childline when the survey of beggars was done. During the survey of beggars, this entire link reached Babban of Chinhat.


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