DGP Prashant Kumar swears to crack down on fraudsters

DGP Prashant Kumar

Lucknow: Those who cheat in the name of getting a job in UP will not be spared now. DGP Prashant Kumar has given strict instructions to the responsible officers. If any case of fraud comes to light by any agency or institution, take cognizance of it. Also, action should be taken against such people under the Gangster Act. Not only this, instructions have also been given to confiscate the property acquired by such people through crime.

The Yogi government has taken a tough stand in the paper leak case of police and RO-ARO recruitment exam in Uttar Pradesh. In both these cases, the STF team is continuously arresting the accused involved in the paper leak case. Now, those who cheat in the name of getting jobs in UP are in trouble.

After the High Court expressed concern in a case, UP DGP Prashant Kumar has given strict instructions to the responsible officers to deal strictly with those who cheat unemployed youth in the name of jobs. The DGP has asked to take action under the Gangster Act against the agency and institution involved in this work and has also given instructions to confiscate the property acquired by them through crime.

In the instructions issued by UP DGP Prashant Kumar, it has been said that at present, a large amount of money is being collected from the youth by luring them with jobs by fake employment agencies. A large number of youth are becoming victims of these agencies to get employment. He said that the Hon’ble High Court has also expressed concern over such incidents happening with the youth of the state. In such a situation, everyone is directed to take seriously the incidents of collecting huge amounts of money from the youth by luring them with jobs.

On receiving such a complaint, a case should be registered against the accused under relevant sections and they should also be arrested. Along with this, the UP DGP has also instructed all the responsible officers to conduct an effective investigation and file the charge sheet in the court on time. So that the accused involved in this type of fraud can be given severe punishment by the court. Along with this, DGP Prashant Kumar also said that if a case of collecting money by organizing such fraud by any institution or agency comes to light, then action should be taken against such accused under the Gangster Act. Along with this, the property acquired through crime should also be seized.

UP DGP Prashant Kumar has also given orders to strictly follow these instructions. According to the letter, orders have also been given to all the police commissionerates and district in-charges to strictly follow the instructions issued by the DGP. Let us tell you, while hearing the bail plea of ​​the accused in a case related to this, the court took his crime seriously and refused to grant him bail. Expressing concern over this, the court said that it is unfortunate that nowadays fake manpower consultant agencies and fake recruitment agencies are growing rapidly everywhere in the country. Their main objective is to lure unemployed youth with employment in government sectors as well as abroad.

The court said that the youth also fall prey to these people in the desire of job without knowing the truth. Also, by selling the family property or taking money from the bank at a high interest rate, they give it to these people. While in some cases the consultancy or agencies used to disappear overnight with the money taken from the victims, in some other cases they used to issue fake appointment letters to the victims. Due to this, his entire future is in danger. In such a situation, it is not easy to recover from this situation and restore normalcy in life. Expressing concern, the court said that these white-collar crimes should be dealt with strictly and the culprits should be given severe punishment.


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