LMC eyes Zero Waste Bada Mangal in Lucknow City


Lucknow: In view of zero waste and polythene free Bada Mangal, a special meeting was called under the chairmanship of the Municipal Commissioner with the city residents and media personnel.

In the special meeting called in view of the month of Jyeshtha, Municipal Commissioner  Inderjit Singh thanked all the city residents and media representatives for attending the meeting and contributing to the successful completion of zero waste, polythene free Bada Mangal Bhandaara. During the meeting, he said that we should make the Bhandaara garbage free and plastic free, some rules for this are as follows, which the Bhandaara organizers will be able to adopt to make the month of Jyeshtha successful:-

First of all, you have to register your Bhandaara in our control room so that we know how many places in the city are Bhandaara happening and accordingly we can deploy our vehicles and cleaning workers. For this, it is mandatory to get registered one day before the day of your Bhandaara.

A banner mentioning the Zero Waste Bada Mangal organized by the Municipal Corporation, with the name of the organizer on one side, has to be put up so that people can become aware about Zero Waste Bada Mangal.

The Municipal Corporation will get your location cleaned during the morning Bhandara. After that you will have to keep two types of dustbins, in which wet and dry garbage can be kept separately and it will be easy for the employees of the corporation to collect the garbage.

He said – you will have to inform our control room one hour before the Bhandara ends so that the garbage collection vehicle can reach your location on time. Also, you should remain present at the location until our vehicle reaches your location and cleans it.


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