Is Blue Whale Challenge back to haunt people ?

New Delhi: A case of death of an Indian student while playing a game has come to light in America. This incident is said to have happened in the month of March. It is suspected that the online game ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ was behind this case of death. This game is also called ‘suicide game’. In such a situation, it is natural for parents to feel scared. Now the question arises whether the deadly blue whale has actually come alive again on mobile. However, death while playing the game has not been officially confirmed yet.

Need to be alert

The 20-year-old first-year student at the University of Massachusetts was found dead on March 8. Bristol County District Attorney spokesperson Greg Milliot says the case is being investigated from a suicide angle. According to the report, initially it was being said that the student had been murdered. The student was robbed and then murdered and his body was thrown in the forest.

The student’s body was found in a car in the forest. The Boston Globe newspaper later identified the student by name. However, considering the wishes of the family, IANS is not revealing the name. But this needs to be reported as an alarming incident to Indian students and guardians of minors and youth in India and abroad while playing this dangerous game which is known to prey on minors and youth across the world.

What is Blue Whale Challenge Game?

‘Blue Whale Challenge’ is an online game, in which a challenge is given to the participants. This game has 50 steps, which gradually become more difficult. According to reports, this game is played on social media platforms. It involves an administrator and participant. The administrator assigns a task per day during a 50-day period. These tasks are simple in the beginning but they become quite difficult in the final stages with the involvement of self-harm.

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The government had described him as an instigator of suicide.

The Indian government wanted to ban the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ several years ago, but instead issued an advisory and abandoned it. The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, in an advisory issued in 2017, a year after the game’s launch, had said that the Blue Whale game (suicide game) is an incitement to suicide. So stay away from it. There were several deaths from the Blue Whale Challenge in Russia between 2015 and 2017.


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