Instructions to expedite the works of Madhya Ganga Phase-2

Dr. Heera Lal

Lucknow: A meeting of the officers of Greater Sharda Assistant Command and Irrigation Department was held in the office hall under the chairmanship of Dr. Heera Lal, Chairman and Administrator, Greater Sharda Assistant Command Area Development Authority / Project, to expedite the works to be done under Madhya Ganga Phase-2.

Rajiv Yadav-Additional Commissioner, Rajneesh Kumar Chaudhary-Superintending Engineer Greater Sharda Assistant Command and regional workers of the command, Land Conservation Officer, Junior Engineer and Assistant Land Conservation Inspector and Awadhesh Kumar Chief Engineer and other Superintending and Executive Engineers of Irrigation Department participated in the meeting.

During the meeting, the status of water circulation in the canals constructed under Madhya Ganga Phase-2 and the records recording the status of kulabs on the canals such as 31 IB and the status of fixing of actual kulabs in the canal were discussed. Chief Engineer, Madhya Ganga Canal Project informed that under the project, construction of 66 km main canal has been completed.

Water circulation is being done except for some gaps in Bahjoi branch originating from the main canal and its related canal system. Land acquisition process is going on to fill the gap. Water circulation could not be started yet due to gap after six km in Chandausi branch and the status of kulabs has been determined by inspecting all the canals, on the basis of which assurance was given to make 31 IB and Sajra map available to the Command Headquarters as soon as possible.

In the meeting, Dr. Heera Lal directed that the Irrigation Department should complete 31 IB by 15 July in any case and make it available to Greater Sharda Sahayak Command, so that information about the actual status of kulabs can be obtained.

Employees of Greater Sharda Sahayak Command should provide cooperation to the officers of the Irrigation Department for determining the kulabs and get the work completed soon. Due to climate change, the temperature is increasing excessively, for which all officers and employees should plant trees in their respective areas, offices, homes and inspire others to plant trees.

To conserve water, inspire people to install rain water harvesting and also save water by installing rain water harvesting system in their own homes. He directed that the employees of the Irrigation Department and Greater Sharda should coordinate with each other and complete the proceedings quickly, so that there is no problem in the field inspection to be held in the coming days. If any negligence is found by the field level employees in the government inspection, strict action will be taken against them. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks by Rajneesh Prakash Chaudhary, Superintending Engineer Greater Sharda Assistant Command.


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