Instead of praising Pakistan, go there: Chief Minister Yogi

Bahraich/Lucknow: 80 crore people in the country are being given free ration while Pakistan’s population of 24 crore is dying of hunger. Even after this, some people raise slogans of Pakistan for their political gains. They will face the same fate as Maharaj Suheldev and his treatment to Salar Masood. This is the land of heroes. Tell them that the beggars of Pakistan, where they raise slogans, should go there and die of hunger. Don’t be a burden on India here.

During the Congress and SP governments, terror attacks took place anywhere in the country. At that time Bharatiya Janata Party used to raise the voice of Janata Janardan. Today the country is safe under the leadership of Prime Minister  Narendra Modi. Terrorism has completely ended in the country. As the respect of the country increases in the world, huge development works are being done. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said these things while addressing a public meeting organized in Bahraich Lok Sabha constituency. During this, he appealed to vote in favor of Lok Sabha candidate Dr. Anand Kumar Gond.

‘Today there is no bombing in the state but Kanwar Yatra is going on with every bomb’

Chief Minister  Yogi Adityanath said that today Bahraich is creating new dimensions of development. A hospital in the name of Maharishi Balark and a medical college in the name of Maharaj Suheldev have been opened here. This was not imagined earlier, but if Modi is there, it is possible. The grand victory pillar of Maharaja Suheldev is ready. He was a national protector, so it is our job to pay respect.

His grand memorial is also being built there. We have also constructed the Panch Teerth of Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar. The double engine government of BJP knows how to respect the great men of the country. Whereas Congress and SP consider insulting great men as their religion, but this will not happen now. The people of the country will not accept this.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister  Narendra Modi, a grand, divine and unique temple of Ramlala has been completed in Ayodhya. This was impossible for Congress, SP and BSP, but we did it. At the same time, the respect of the public has also increased. Chief Minister Yogi said that during the time of SP, guns were placed in the hands of youth. We put the tablet in his hands.

Due to this the youth of the state have become smart youth. During his time, criminals and mafia used to explode bombs at various places. We made his Ram name true. The Chief Minister said that today there is no bombing in the state but Kanwar Yatra starts with every bomb.

‘Kamal is receiving the love and blessings of the public along with the Prime Minister’

Chief Minister  Yogi Adityanath said that the third phase of voting was held. Voting for two phases has already ended. The people are receiving immense love and blessings along with Prime Minister  Narendra Modi on the Lotus. This trend is being seen in the third phase also. This enthusiasm of the public shows that lotus is blooming on all the seats of the third phase of the state.

Chief Minister Yogi said that this time the target of crossing 400 will be achieved and Modi government will be formed once again in the country. This is not going to happen just like that, but it has been possible because of the meaningful work done by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for the country in the last ten years. Today the world is watching a changing India. Everyone knows what the condition of the country was before 2014. At that time, poor India had lost the trust of the people. At the same time, today the public’s faith in the Modi government has become firm.

On this occasion, BJP District President Brijesh Pandey, MP Akshaybar Lal Gaur, Legislative Council Member Padmasen Chaudhary, MLA Ramniwas Verma, Sureshwar Singh, Anupama Jaiswal, Subhash Tripathi etc. were present.


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