Inauguration of RACESPH’s Well Being Lab at Amity University

Lucknow: In celebration of International Happiness Day, marked globally on March 20th each year, Amity University Lucknow Campus announced the inauguration of the groundbreaking Happiness Lab, dedicated to fostering joy, well-being, and positivity in the community.

The Centre of Excellence – Rekhi Amity Centre of Excellence for Science of Positivity and Happiness (RACESPH), under the guidance of distinguished Dy Pro Vice Chancellor – Wg Cdr (Dr) Anil Kumar, Dean Student Welfare and Director RACESPH – Prof (Dr) Manju Agrawal, and Centre Head RACESPH – Dr Ritu Tripathi Chakravarty, was inaugurated at Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow Campus.

RACESPH’s state-of-the-art Well Being Lab marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of happiness and well-being research is dedicated to exploring, researching, and fostering happiness and well-being. This initiative aims to make a positive impact on the lives of young individuals and society at large. The event witnessed the release of the magazine “Permanand – Spreading Happiness,” which contains a compilation of the annual activities conducted by RACESPH, edited by Dr Ritu Tripathi Chakravarty and Dr Jaya Pandey.

Notable guests at the inauguration included Dr Alok Ranjan, Dr Madhurima Pradhan, Dr Anita Bhatnagar Jain, and  Gaurav Shukla.

The Well Being Lab is equipped with cutting-edge machines designed to promote emotional well-being and enhance overall health. The emWave® Pro monitors heart rhythms, enhances coherence, and contributes to improved well-being and performance by fostering synchronization among the heart, mind, and emotions. The Inner Balance™ Bluetooth Sensor helps manage feelings of overwhelm and anxiety, supporting emotional balance and resilience. Additionally, the emWave2® Thumb Sensor effectively reduces stress and converts negative emotions into feelings of clarity and peace.

Lastly, the Bio-Well machine offers accessible and cost-effective well-being assessments through advanced GDV/EPI techniques, providing a comprehensive approach to wellness evaluation and management. These innovative technologies empower individuals to take proactive steps towards achieving optimal emotional and physical health.
The inauguration of RACESPH’s Well Being Lab represents a significant step forward in the exploration and promotion of happiness and well-being, fostering a positive impact on individuals and society alike.


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