IIT Kanpur’s Opportunity School inaugurates ‘Vigyanalaya’

Kanpur: The Opportunity School at IIT Kanpur inaugurated ‘Vigyanalaya’ – An Applied Science Laboratory. Prof. Abhay Karandikar, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, officially launched it in the presence of Prof. S. Ganesh, Director of IIT Kanpur, Prof. Kantesh Balani, Dean of Resources and Alumni, and other Deans, Prof. Harish Chandra Verma, Prof. Sudeep Bhattacharjee, School’s Management Committee Chairman, Dr. Chetna Mishra, Principal of the School, Mrs. Pradnya Khandekar, Students and Teachers, and IIT Kanpur campus community among others.

Opportunity School, established in 1967, is providing education to the children of economically weaker section from in and around IIT Kanpur campus. Since February 2020, the School is operating from the new building ‘Shri Harihar Prasad Singh building’ built with the generous contribution by Dr. Chandralekha Singh.

‘Vigyanalaya’, a second to none laboratory envisioned by Padma Shri & IIT Kanpur’s former faculty, Department of Physics, Prof. Harish Chandra Verma and the late Prof. Sameer Khandekar, former faculty, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur, will be a place to explore all aspects of science, from basic to complex, inspired by real-life problems, aims to ignite curiosity and creativity among students towards scientific exploration and innovation.

During the inauguration, students showcased various innovative experiments and models like magnetic car races, bottle wave experiments, and crafts made from recycled papers. They impressively addressed guest inquiries, displaying their confidence and understanding.

Vigyanalaya also functions as a scientific instrument’s repository, offering a wide array of tools across different scientific disciplines. From advanced measurement devices to lab equipment for chemistry, biology, and physics, including telescopes and microscopes, Vigyanalaya provides essential resources for scientific learning.

The laboratory facilitates diverse activities, ranging from basic tasks like crafting earthworm models to more complex concepts such as electrolysis and designing sensor devices with Arduino. They also engage younger students in activities like replicating room wall drawings, fostering skills in estimation, ratio, precision engineering, and unit conversions.

The Vigyanalaya inauguration was followed by “Abhyudaya”, the School’s annual cultural program. The event featured traditional rituals like the lighting of lamps and Saraswati Vandana, along with performances by students portraying famous Indian scientists and showcasing skits focused on environmental conservation and scientific concepts.

The cultural extravaganza included Rajasthani folk dances like Ghoomar, colourful Holi folk dances, and energetic Punjabi folk dances, captivating the audience. The program concluded with a vote of thanks and the national anthem.

About Opportunity School, IIT Kanpur:
Opportunity School, established in 1967 and supported by IIT Kanpur alumni, faculty, and staff, provides education to underprivileged children in and around the campus. Contributing positive to education accessibility, it has grown from six students in 1967 to around 300 in a modern building inaugurated in 2020. The school’s focus on holistic education positively impacts families, making it a beacon of hope and opportunity in the community.


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