IIT Kanpur, a frontrunner in HPC, organizes HPC Symposium 2024

Kanpur: The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) successfully hosted its HPC Symposium 2024, bringing together leading researchers and students to explore the transformative power of High Performance Computing (HPC). This annual event serves as a crucial platform for facilitating collaboration and innovation in this rapidly evolving field.

IIT Kanpur boasts a rich history in HPC, having established the first academic institution-based HPC system in India with the IBM 1620. This commitment continued with the institute’s role in the National Supercomputing Mission, leading to the acquisition of a 1.6 petaflops HPC system and the commissioning of Param Sanganak, a top-10 ranked supercomputer in India by the end of 2020.

The symposium, led by Prof. Nishant Nair, Dean, Digital Infrastructure and Automation; and Prof. Preeti Malakar, HPC Coordinator, commenced with an opening ceremony marked by enthusiasm and distinguished guests. Prof. Abhay Karandikar, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, delivered the keynote address, highlighting the critical role of HPC in accelerating scientific advancements and innovation.

The symposium generated valuable insights into research carried out at IIT Kanpur using HPC systems, including sessions by eminent professors like Prof. Amalendu Chandra , Department of Chemistry; Prof. Sanjay Mittal , Department of Aerospace Engineering; Prof. Mahendra K Verma , Department of Physics; Prof. Vishal Agarwal , Department of Chemical Engineering; Prof. Ashoke De , Department of Aerospace Engineering; Prof. Indranil Saha Dalal , Department of Chemical Engineering; Prof. Ashutosh Modi , Department of Computer Science and Engineering; Prof. Rajdip Mukherjee, Department of Materials Science and Engineering; and Prof. Supratik Banerjee , Department of Physics.

“The symposium has been an excellent platform for showcasing the exceptional research facilitated by our HPC systems,” said Prof. Nishant Nair, Dean, Digital Infrastructure and Automation, IIT Kanpur. “We are grateful to the National Supercomputing Mission for their support, which has enabled us to push the boundaries of computational power.”

Engaging poster presentations by students and a thought-provoking brainstorming session on IIT Kanpur’s vision for exascale computing further enriched the symposium, which concluded on a high note with a discussion on the pivotal role of HPC clusters at IIT Kanpur in propelling the research activities of the institute to the frontiers of science and technology.


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