IIT Kanpur Empowers Campus Community

IIT Kanpur

Kanpur: The Health Centre at IIT Kanpur, in collaboration with the NGO Pranodaya, has been actively conducting a certified CPR Workshop cum Demonstration Course for the campus community. These workshops, aimed at equipping individuals with life-saving skills, have already trained over 400 participants, including students, faculty, security personnel, and employees.

The comprehensive program covers essential topics such as Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Basic Life Support (BLS), and Primary Trauma Care. Participants receive hands-on training and a certificate upon completion.

The workshops are led by a team of experienced medical professionals such as Dr Sunit Gupta (Sqr. Ldr.), an Anaesthesiologist & Intensivist with an MD from AFMC Pune; Dr Pradeep Tandon, a Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon with MS Mch from Delhi; and Dr. A. K. Agarwal, an ENT Surgeon with MS from Kanpur.

The Health Centre team involved in the CPR training initiative includes Dr. Mamta Vyas, Head of the Health Centre; Dr. Rakesh Mishra, Senior Medical Officer; and Dr. Shailendra Kishore, Senior Medical Officer.

With a focus on community well-being, the IIT Kanpur Health Centre team is dedicated to expanding the reach of CPR training, empowering individuals with essential life-saving skills.


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