Holistic learning at CMS through camps

Lucknow: Students of City Montessori School, Asharfabad Campus are also learning about good human values and empowering themselves and adding another dimension to education. They are learning Art and Craft, Swimming, judo, karate, music and dance, drawing and painting and other interesting, skill-based subjects. CMS is organizing summer camps at all CMS campuses. These summer camps aim at taking studies out of the classrooms and practicing the arts, sciences, music and games in the open. This is empowering them physically, emotionally and mentally.

It is a joyful sight to witness students splashing merrily in the school’s swimming pool and enjoying the fun, or to see them singing and learning new tunes each day in accompaniment with the harmonium or the table or learning the steps of Kathak dance or the postures of the Bharatanatyam Dance. The playground and the games room are full of laughter and gaiety as children play football, cricket, volleyball, badminton and table-tennis etc.


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