For Noida folk, all roads lead to Devbhoomi in peak summer


Noida: There are preparations to provide facilities to the passengers going to hilly areas to celebrate summer vacation from Noida depot located in Morna. In this, the number of buses for Haridwar, Kotdwar and Dehradun will be increased as per the need.

Summer vacation is starting from the third week in many private schools of the district. In such a situation, people turn towards Haridwar, Kotdwar and Dehradun. People leave for the cities beyond this by local bus or taxi.

Assistant Regional Manager of the depot, Naresh Pal Singh told the media that five buses run for Haridwar. Apart from this, one bus leaves for Dehradun. Five buses are also run from the depot for Kotdwar. He said that every year in summer, the number of passengers for mountainous areas in the depot is high. In such a situation, buses from less crowded places are reduced and run on routes with more passengers.

He said that if the number of passengers for hilly areas increases, buses will be increased as per the need. The time of the buses to be increased will not be fixed. As soon as the number of passengers increases on the respective route, the bus will be run.

Tree pruning work started

Tree pruning work started in five residential sectors including Sector-50. Electricity lines are open in the residential sectors of the city. These lines have come between the branches of the trees.

In such a situation, there is a danger of the lines getting damaged as soon as strong winds start. RWA officials were complaining about this to the officials of the authority as well as the electricity corporation. Sector-50 resident Ramcharan Awasthi said that there is an ABC cable line along with open wire line in the sector. Trees are planted between these lines. After the authority’s garden department and electricity corporation demanded several times to prune the branches of trees coming between the electricity lines, now the work has started.


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