First Taiwan-India Co-Production “Demon Hunters” Headlined by Arjan Bajwa

Mumbai: Excitement mounts as “Demon Hunters,” the first-ever Taiwan-India co-production, prepares to make a grand entrance at Cannes. This highly anticipated film has already been listed among Taiwan’s hottest projects at Cannes 2024 by Hollywood’s Screen International, setting the stage for a significant international debut. The action-comedy is a collaborative effort between Taiwan’s LightHouse Productions and India’s Kleos Entertainment Group. Directed by Mei-Juin Chen and Tony Chueng, a veteran cinematographer known for his work on “Dragon Blade” and “Hidden Strike”, “Demon Hunters” promises a unique blend of action, horror, and comedy.

The film boasts an impressive international cast, with India’s Arjan Bajwa and Taiwan’s JC Lin in the leading roles, alongside Regina Lei and seasoned actor Jack Kao. The plot revolves around a YouTuber who finds himself entangled in a supernatural crisis, needing to save his partner from a zombie demon. This perilous journey leads him to an Indian computer geek, the grandson of an exorcist guru, resulting in a thrilling and humorous adventure.

“Demon Hunters” is backed by the Taiwanese government, highlighting its significance as a cultural bridge between Taiwan and India. The film’s global premiere is set for autumn 2024, but Cannes attendees will get an exclusive first look at the film’s show reel presentation and poster, featuring the lead duo Arjan Bajwa and JC Lin.

Producer Gayathiri Guliani of Kleos Entertainment expressed her excitement about the project’s debut at Cannes, saying, “Demon Hunters – the first-ever Taiwan-India co-production has its debut this Cannes with its exclusive showreel presentation. Humbled to have received so much appreciation and it has reached to be one of the hottest projects listed by top Hollywood publication – Screen International.”

Actor Arjan Bajwa also shared his enthusiasm, stating, “I’m very excited and humbled to be a part of such a huge project. Going international has always been my dream, and the fact that ‘Demon Hunters’ is one of the hottest projects to come out of Taiwan as reported by Hollywood’s Screen International, I couldn’t have asked for more.”

As we see it, “Demon Hunters” is more than just a film; it’s a landmark collaboration that signifies the merging of two rich cinematic traditions. As it makes its mark at Cannes, the film not only showcases the potential of Taiwan-India collaborations but also sets the stage for more such ventures in the future. With its intriguing premise, talented cast, and cross-cultural appeal, “Demon Hunters” is set to become a standout feature in the global film landscape.


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