Factory of nepotism and corruption now locked – PM Modi

PM Modi

Aligarh: The Prime Minister reached Aligarh in UP and addressed a huge public meeting. Taking aim at the opposition, he said, last time when I came to Aligarh, I had requested you all to lock the factory of nepotism, corruption and appeasement of SP and Congress and you people put such a strong lock that both the princes till date have found it hard to find the key.

Prime Minister Modi said, each and every one of your votes is very important. Earlier there used to be bombings on the border every day. Today all this has stopped. Earlier, terrorists used to burst bombs every day, there were serial blasts. Now there has been a complete stop on serial bomb blasts also.

PM Modi said, corrupt parties like Congress, Samajwadi Party never cared about your problems. Even after giving money to the poor, they never got full ration, only middlemen used to loot them. Today lakhs of people of Aligarh and Hathras are getting free ration.

He said, the INDI alliance members are so dejected that they do not have the courage to look towards the future. These people do nothing except harbour greed for their family and power and only deceive the public.

PM Modi said, I want to open the eyes of those who identify Yogi Adityanath only with bulldozers. More industrial development has taken place during the period of Yogi Adityanath alone than what happened in Uttar Pradesh after independence. Yogi Adityanath’s government has taken development to new heights.


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