Expectations Galore from New Lucknow MP

Lucknow: We as residents of India with the nation in our hearts are the luckiest among the lot. We enjoy the largest festival of democracy like no other country in the world. The general elections in India is a unique celebration in itself in which the world’s largest population around hundred and fifty billion people participate in one way or the other. No one remains unfazed even if they do not vote due to age restrictions or health reasons. But everyone has a basic concept of how our leaders should be and how approachable they should be when the voters really need them.

Lucknow, the state capital of the deciding factor in the general elections, Uttar Pradesh, too is under election fever since they dates were announced by the election commission.

Though the political frenzy in the most vibrant political state capital started much earlier with parleys and political discussions at every nook and corner of the city, every voter and non voters have an opinion about their prospective Member of Parliament.

The Lucknow Tribune, the number 1 weekly English newspaper, conducted a survey regarding the expectations of the voters from their prospective MP from Lucknow. Among the large number of replies we received, we are publishing some of the best and articulate replies with a dream that the respected parliamentarian chosen this time will be available in the time of need and raise the core issues of Lucknow at the highest level and bring in sea of change for the betterment of life, business, infrastructure and living conditions of lucknow and Lucknowites.

While opinionating on the expectations from the soon to be elected member of parliament, Gaurav Prakash, a resident of Nirala Nagar says: ” he should lead initiatives for preserving as well as promote the rich cultural heritage of Lucknow. This includes restoration of historical monuments and promotion of cultural events to showcase Lucknow’s traditions to the world.” He is also looking forward for initiatives by the parliamentarian from Lucknow to address several issues which are directly related to the public in general. Prakash says: “Addressing traffic congestion and improving public transportation infrastructure, especially in congested areas like Hazratganj and many other localities should also be a priority in the present circumstances.

Additionally, efforts to address issues related to sanitation and cleanliness, particularly in densely populated areas, would likely be appreciated by the residents of Lucknow.”
“There should also be support infrastructure for local businesses and industries to stimulate job creation and portray of Lucknow made brands and handicrafts at the global level”, he ended.

On the other hand, Aminabad resident Ravi Shukla says that the development of town areas is of prime importance in terms of sanitation and the educational institutions should be made world class.

“I think that anybody who gets the opportunity to lead us in Lok Sabha should focus on the educational infrastructure in Lucknow. World class institutes should be opened with job opportunities in abundance,” says Ravi.

“Traffic and hygiene are the other two important factors on which the newly elected MP should focus upon. More atrictness and restrictions for drinking liquor in public place including in cars should be imposed and most importantly, for the residents of Aminabad, review and new law for rental agreements for land owner in old Lucknow property should be introduced,” said Ravi.

The other things he wants his parliamentarian to take note of is the illegal capture of government land and establishment of shops and ‘gumtis’ as encroachment on government land.

Ravi wishes his MP to establish commerical business houses for the betterment of the business community & social activities in residential areas of the city.

Sarvesh Goel of GD Goenka, another localite who voiced his concern for the city, wishes his new parliamentarian to help in Widening of all the roads in the city for smooth traffic, edricien and early metro rail network within length and breath of the city apart from several other points he raises for his parliamentarian to pay heed to. Sarvesh says: “Kukrail river front should be one of the early things which can be done apart from Construction of Exit road from the Sushant Golf City. I would also like my parliamentarian to do something regarding the Traffic plan around the Ahimamau crossing on Sultanpur Road and Kamta on Ayodhya Road which is mostly jammed.

I also wish quick execution on the green corridor along the Gomti River and zonal planning of the city.
Smart city planning by integrating all the services needs to be completed as many cities are already working in this regard. I also wish demolition of illegal construction on the roads which can help in widening of the roads and uninterrupted movement of traffic.”

Ajay Verma, a resident of Daliganj area of Lucknow, rather expects the previous promises to be fulfilled first by the newly elected parliamentarian.

According to him: ” Expectations from our MP is only to fulfill commitments which the government has been claiming. Corruption and corrupt practices is on peak, land Mafia are still grabbing lands of common man and
there is no one to listen to the sordid tales of the poor people. Presently, Bhumafia portal not working, CM portal not responding to the queries and there are several other issues which should be addressed by the new parliamentarian on priority basis. Else where will the poor people go?,” he asks.

VK Singh, a resident of Gomtinagar, raises a very pertinent question. He says: “the newly elected MP from Lucknow should devot sometime to meet the people from his constituency at regular intervals. And when he is unavailable his representative should be available to the people for works related to the public as he is the MP from the state capital, his responsibilities increase manifold.”

Shri Prakash, another Gomatinagar resident, wishes his new MP to be focussed on several things to make the state capital a better place to live in. He says: “The new MP should work to improve the quality of life.This includes factors such as healthcare, education, safety, and overall well-being of residents.
Secondly, creating opportunities for the residents. This includes factors such as job availability, income levels, and business opportunities.

Thirdly, he should focus on infrastructure which includes the quality of transportation, utilities, roads and other essential services.

Sustainability is another issues which is important. Environmental initiatives, green spaces, water harvesting and overall efforts to promote sustainability are some of the core issues.”

Prakash further says: “Access to arts, entertainment, and cultural diversity should be another aspect which needs introspection apart from connectivity. access to technology, internet connectivity, and overall digital infrastructure is essential from Lucknow’s point of view.”

Housing affordability, cost of goods and services, and overall affordability for residents are the other factors which needs the new MPs attention opined Prakash.


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