Doctors speak straight from heart in Hypertension seminar

Lucknow: A special seminar was organized by Helping Hearts Foundation on the possibilities of treatment of heart diseases in various scenarios in which cardiologists and general physicians from Lucknow and various cities of Uttar Pradesh also participated.

In a unique information sharing exercise a scientific session was held in which some special cases done on patients were presented before everyone and the possibilities of better and meaningful treatment of heart diseases were discussed.

In this seminar organized by senior cardiologist Dr Nakul Sinha, senior cardiologist Professor C Venkata S Ram, who came from Hyderabad, was the main speaker along with Dr RK Saran, Apart from R.C. Ahuja, about 250 doctors participated.

At the beginning of the seminar, a special session was organized on “HYPERTENSION – MYTHS AND REALITIES” to create an awareness among the general public about high blood pressure and heart diseases in which the correct method of taking blood pressure, risk factors, etc were discussed threadbare. Apart from the role of proper eating habits and balanced lifestyle in the treatment of hypertension, all the misconceptions related to high blood pressure were discussed in detail and the truths related to all aspects of this disease were highlighted. In which Dr. Nakul Sinha told that – “High blood pressure is considered to be the biggest cause of heart diseases and is considered to be the biggest silent killer in today’s era, due to which many times no symptoms are visible and the patient suffers from heart attack and stroke.

In India alone, more than one crore people suffer from high blood pressure every year, leading to fatal consequences. A major cause of high blood pressure is not only genetic but also unhealthy lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle, wrong eating habits, smoking, excessive stress and being under mental pressure are also important reasons. Jyoti Sinha, Secretary of Helping Hearts Foundation, through her balanced conduct, resolved all the questions arising in the minds of common people in a very interesting manner. Dietitians Tanya Nisha and Simran Sahni answered people’s questions on the importance of healthy eating and exercise to maintain normal blood pressure. At the end of the session, Dr. Anuja Bhargava conducted a quiz on hypertension and those giving correct answers also got prizes. A large number of common people participated and benefited from this seminar.

Jyoti Sinha said, “The idea behind Helping Hearts is to work together with all hearts beating together. It is a 10 year old organisation which works with the idea of helping all, contributing to good health and happiness. Helping Hearts Foundation organised a healthy exchange of dialogue between three luminaries namely Doctor Professor Venkat S Ram, Doctor RK Saran and Doctor Nakul Sinha. Coordinator the program Jyoti Sinha said – it is about Sukh, Shanti and Khushi. She said that we are overburdened by our own ambitions. We would rather take more time to do our work and take less holidays. Hypertension is a silent killer today BP is being seen in young kids and old alike. Dr. RK Saran said that it is a misnomer that hypertension is because of High Tension, but that is not the case. He said it is more about high BP and he said today the blood pressure levels can vary between people. He said 120 / 80 is normal but anything about 140 / 90 is considered hypertension.’

Dr Nakul Sinha said,  “ without measurement there is no finding the right numbers in terms of BP. You cannot guess the right BP without proper analysis. He said reason being it is ediopathic and only in 5% cases it can be cured. The other side to it is resistant hypertension. Dr. Nakul sinha said that the right way for BP calculation is standard sphigmometre but since mercury is banned, today there is greater prevalence of android, which is the dial measurement. For the digital which is the most common in today’s day and age, the three things that one has to take care of, is stay relaxed, don’t have food, drink, tea, soft drink, Cola or coffee, avoid smoking, stay in normal cool atmosphere, sit on a chair with back support, make sure that the hand and the machine are at a horizontal level, maintain stillness in the hand and avoid mobile use while recording blood pressure.

Dr Venkat Ram said along with the political heat, there is also the summer due to which everybody suffers from the BP problem. Now along with BP, there are several other issues that crop up which include heart attack, stroke, paralysis, kidney failure, one can keep all this under control by controlling BP. In 25 years, the normal BP numbers have changed. Unlike before 130  / 80 is considered the basic cut off line beyond which it is danger level. Universally digital blood pressure measurement is the norm he said.

Doctor R.K. Saran said if 20% of BP issues exist, 8 or 10 do not have any symptoms and it is the long term problems that lead to too much harm. He said that don’t go after symptoms. He further said that drug has to be taken as per prescription that is nothing like low BP or there is no chronic low BP. Elaborating on the do’s and don’ts Dr Nakul Sinha said if stress and tension have to be kept low one mass maintain the body weight, one must do regular physical activity, do activity 20 to 25 minutes 5 days a week, avoid fatty liver, diabetes, heart issues and cut down on smoking.

He underscored – even passive smoking is equal to 75% exposure. One must also avoid tobacco in any form. Unlike popular belief BP is equally harmful and pipe and guthka should be completely avoided. Excess alcohol or binge drinking is harmful.

Many believe that two pegs of wine are beneficial, but in reality it is not so. There are other people who fall for syrups, there is drug addiction. Dietary intake can reduce hypertension.

Diet expert Tanya said that whole grains, seasonal fruits, vegetables, help maintain hypertension at proper levels. It is also better to have low sodium food and high potassium food to maintain levels.Proper physical activity helps. The experts present said that all salt has the same amount of sodium. Soda, bread, package food, ice cream and other goods all have a decent amount of sodium. RK Saran said that you must consume salt at the least possible amount and avoid extra salt. He said Papad, Achar, chatni, soup along with Chinese and dalmot all have high salt content.  Fruits, vegetables, banana, orange or even Apple are good for health. During the course of the Scientific session an engaging round of presentations were made on Diverse Scenarios in Cardiology Practice

It covered subjects like 1-40 year asymptomatic male with a positive TMT on Routine Check up. How to Proceed

Case 2-68 year male with effort angina, calcific severe sorte stenosis with comorbidites Chairperson: Dr. VS Narain Moderator: Dr. Mahim Saran

Case 3-35 year female, Dilated Cardiomyopathy LVEF 30% dyspnoea class III on GDMT with 2 hospital admissions for Heart Failure

Chairperson: Dr. RK Saran, Moderator: Dr. Himanshu Gupta

Case 4-50 year male Stable angina, asymptomatic on Medical Treatment. What further advice to be given

Chairperson: Dr. Nakul Sinha Moderator: Dr. Mahim Saran.  Case 5- 65 year male, Post CABG 6 Month with Chest pain and oedema over feet. How to approach. Chairperson: Dr. R K Saran Moderator: Dr. Avinash Singh

True Resistant Hypertension in Clinical practice. Are we missing something?”. Speaker Dr. (Prof) C Venkata S Ram Chairperson: Dr. RC. Ahuja, Dr. Nakul Sinha


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