During SP’s time, traders used to get ransom calls: Yogi


Etah: CM Yogi said Ramlala arrived in Ayodhya after 500 years. The handicraftsmen and artisans here carried the 21 ton bell and carried the sound of Jalesar to Ayodhya. When the bell of Jalesar resonates, the faith of the entire country reawakens and thanks you. Congress ruled for 65 years and SP-BSP for a long time, but they neither took care of Jalesar nor did they know about the temple of Ramlala.

Congress said that Ram did not exist. When Ram devotees used to say that Ramlala, we will come and build the temple there, then SP used to say that even a bird can’t spread its wings.  Forget about birds, now lakhs of Ram devotees are coming there every day. CM appealed to the voters that your vote cast on the lotus symbol will go to the feet of Ram Lalla for the prosperity of India.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said these things. He met BJP candidate from Agra Lok Sabha, MP and Union Minister Prof. SP Singh at Jalesar in Etah was communicating with the voters through public meetings in favor of Baghel. CM said that with the blessings of the public, SP Singh Baghel’s victory is certain but this time a historical record has to be made.

People of SP, BSP and Congress did not want Ram Lalla to be seated.

CM Yogi said that along with playing Holi, the holy birth anniversary of Ramlala was celebrated there after 500 years. Lord Surya Dev also applied Tilak of Suryavansh Mani Lord Ram at 12 noon on Ram Navami. This opportunity has come because of the BJP government. People of SP, BSP and Congress are going to play with faith and security. They did not want Ramlala to sit.

Congress and SP people are continuously playing with the sovereignty of the country.

CM said that the manifesto of Congress and Indi alliance says that they want to implement personal law i.e. Talibani system inside India. Should there be Taliban rule in India? What has happened to the people of Congress and SP? They are continuously playing with faith, national sovereignty and security. They give support to those who create anarchy.

Modi will run the country, SP people will go to read Fatiha for five more years

CM said that Kalyan Singh dedicated his life to the development of the state and Ramjanmabhoomi. When he passed away, not a single word of condolence was expressed by SP. When Mulayam Singh passed away, I went to his village. The Prime Minister expressed condolences. On one hand Rambhakt Kalyan Singh is insulted and on the other hand SP people had gone to read Fatiha on the death of the mafia. You have an opportunity, at the time of elections tell the SP candidates that Modi will run the country, you people should read Fatiha for five-ten years.

PM Modi works hard for 365 days without stopping and without wavering.

CM Yogi said that without stopping, without getting tired, without bowing down, without wavering, Prime Minister Modi worked hard 24 hours a day, 365 days continuously for ten years, then India’s respect increased in the world. The borders were secured. CM said that the government should have the will to work. We will deliver sweet RO water to every home and ring the bell of Jalesar in the entire country. The bell here rings at religious places across the country.

There used to be fights over cooking gas during Congress rule.

CM Yogi said that during the Congress rule, there used to be fighting for cooking gas. If the cylinder ran out on a festival day, the condition of the head of the household became very bad. If guests came, they would be insulted, if they went to get the cylinder, they would be beaten with police batons and empty cylinders would be beaten in the house. Now 10 crore poor people are getting cylinders in the country. In UP, cylinders are being given for free as gifts during Holi-Diwali.

Now when faced with the police, the mafia’s pants get wet.

CM said that during the time of BSP, SP and Congress, extortion was done, now the benefit of Swanidhi is being given. Used to occupy the land of the poor. Now the land on which the poor man’s house is built will be his ownership. During the time of SP, sisters and daughters did not go out of the house. As the business expanded, traders would receive calls for ransom. Now the daughter and the businessman are safe, but the criminals and mafia are roaming around with placards of ‘sparing their lives’ around their necks. The mafia which used to wield power during the time of SP, today gets its pants wet when it comes face to face with the police. This is a threat from the government.

On this occasion, Agra MP, Union Minister and BJP candidate Prof. SP Singh Baghel, MLA Sanjeev Diwakar, District President Etah Sandeep Jain, Raja Amrish Pal Singh, Lok Sabha in-charge Sunil Tandon, Convenor TN Aggarwal, Chairman Mahendra Pal Singh, Gauri Verma, Shikha Gupta, former MLA Kuber Singh etc. were present.


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