Decoding the magical word wizardry of Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal

Lucknow: Two lectures were organized under the tutelage of Professor Alok Rai in the series of special lectures  by the Department of Philosophy, Lucknow University. The first lecture was based on the topic “Universalistic approach in the philosophy of Allama Iqbal” which was given by Dr. Aamir Riaz, Principal of the Philosophy Department of Aligarh Muslim University, while the second lecture was presented by Prof. Rakesh Chandra, former Head of the Philosophy Department.

He lectured on the second day of his lecture on the topic Research Methodology. In his lecture, Aamir Riaz mentioned the philosophical thoughts of Allama Iqbal and some of his very famous poems. According to him, Allama Iqbal, besides being a poet, was also a famous philosopher of his time and expressed his poems and thoughts on subjects ranging from the freedom movement to the partition of India.

Iqbal includes the ideas mentioned in the Vedas and the philosophy of Buddha in his thoughts. He paid special attention to two important aspects of philosophy in Iqbal, the concept of love and humanism.

In Iqbal’s philosophy, love was described as two types – Ishq Majazi and Ishq Hajazi, love in this world and love in the next world.

On the second day of his lecture, Professor Rakesh Chandra discussed research questions, research concept, definition of research, its types and techniques. In his lecture he accepted the generalization of the research as its conclusion and discussed all the concepts used in the entire process. The objective of the research was accepted as the most important part of any research and what factors can influence any research were also discussed. Discussed scientific research, explanatory research, descriptive research, qualitative research, applied research and basic research as types of research and explained their main characteristics. An attempt was made to explain the difference between quantitative and qualitative research through examples.


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