Decoding relevance of Devarshi Narad in modern times

Devarshi Narad

Lucknow: On the auspicious occasion of Devarshi Narada Jayanti, a national seminar was organized in the AP Sen Auditorium under the joint aegis of Lucknow University and Vishwa Samvad Kendra. The seminar program started and the guests were welcomed by giving them a bouquet.

On the auspicious occasion of Devarshi Narad Jayanti, a national seminar was organized on the Vedic policies of Devarshi Narad  and current Indian journalism in the AP Sen Auditorium of Lucknow University under the joint aegis of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of Lucknow University and Vishwa Samvad Kendra. Starting the introduction of the national seminar, Dr. Ashok Dubey, provincial publicity head of Awadh province of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, said that we know about Devarshi Narad  through various stages of communication.

Devarshi Narad always did journalism for the welfare of the people. Dr. Dubey told that the word journalism is not of India but in India, along with material prosperity, emphasis has also been laid on spirituality.

Special worship is done here while working in social works. Devarshi Narad is revered in our culture in the field of journalism. Throughout thousands of years of history, we have remained firm on our ideas through various struggles.

News has a special contribution in the world of journalism. While addressing the national seminar, Chief Speaker Subhash, Area Campaign Head of Eastern Uttar Pradesh region of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, while addressing the seminar, said that Devarshi Narad is in the mind of Lord, is a scholar and a communicator.

The basic element of journalism is curiosity. If there is curiosity, information can be obtained. Subhash said that any mortal person has to know himself. Narada is adept in communication style and is ideal for social welfare. Ideal journalism is to bring forward information of public welfare through our journalism. Public welfare is possible by worshiping truth. It is also said in India for truth that Satyamev Jayate. Devarshi Narad is conduct, loyalty and insistence on truth.

Indian journalists became Satyagrahis and kept awakening the society through their writings. Due to which India’s successful democracy was established. Subhash said that our thinking should be practical. Devarshi Narad’s modesty is the message. Narad is not only a communicator but also a savior. Narad ji’s life is for public welfare. It is for Bahujan community. Narad is the symbol of Charvaiti- Charvaiti.

Beauty must be accompanied by divinity only after which perfection is possible. We must reach the perfection of journalism. Music is the basis of coordination. It has also been said that if my voice becomes yours then the voice becomes ours. It is all a form of coordination. Journalism is like a lamp whose function is ultimately to keep going. Addressing the session of the National Seminar, chief guest senior journalist Umesh Upadhyay said that there is conflict in today’s journalism. Earlier journalism was a mission whereas today’s journalism is hanging in the balance. Devarshi Narad’s communication style is different from today’s communication style. Coordination and balance have to be maintained in today’s journalism.

Today almost only negative news becomes lead news. There is negativity in the basic concept of lead news even in the world. Indian media needs to come out of this narrative. Human civilization develops in diversity. Devarshi Narad should lead us towards the truth. In the last session of the seminar, writer, senior journalist and President of Vishwa Samvad Kendra Narendra Bhadauria said that India’s philosophy and culture has always been presented in a negative light by western countries. We should not doubt our culture. Today’s journalism has surrendered before social media. Bhadauria said that India’s science is the best.

We do not have to bow down to western media. We have to change direction with courage. Ashok Sinha expressed his gratitude for this program of the National Seminar. The national seminar program was conducted by Dr. Saurabh Malviya. In the program, Dr. Sachindranath, co-publicity head of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Awadh, Dr. Loknath, province co-contact head Dr. Harnam Singh, province Dharma Jagran chief Surendra, Vice Chancellor of Language University Dr. Manish Kumar, senior journalists Bharat Singh, Brijanandan Raju, Dr. Santosh etc., journalists from various institutions and journalism students from various institutions were present.


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