Congress is problem, Modi is solution, says Yogi Adityanath

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Bijnor/Bareilly/Haldwani: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath undertook a robust campaign in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand on Saturday. He held a public rally supporting BJP candidate Kunwar Sarvesh Singh from Moradabad Lok Sabha constituency in Bijnor of the state. In Bareilly, he sought support for the BJP candidate from Pilibhit Lok Sabha constituency and state government minister Jitin Prasada and the BJP candidate from Bareilly Chhatrapal Singh Gangwar. Furthermore, in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, CM Yogi led an election rally backing Union Minister of State for Defence, Ajay Bhatt.

CM Yogi described the Congress as the root cause of the country’s problems while highlighting that under the Prime Minister’s leadership, the nation is addressing every challenge effectively.

He remarked that the I.N.D.I. alliance, which bows before mafia elements, cannot deliver good governance and security. He emphasized that those who harass women or businessmen have only two destinations: jail or hell. The Chief Minister hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure as India’s golden era post-independence.

Today, those who once incited riots are hiding in fear, pleading for their lives

Addressing a public meeting in Badhapur (Bijnor), Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath emphasized that the criminalization of politics and the protection of mafia-like elements are major obstacles to development. Yogi recounted the tragic 1980 Moradabad riot, where numerous lives were lost. He noted that details of this incident remained suppressed until 2017, when his investigation exposed the individuals behind the violence.

Yogi went on to say, “Innocent traders, Hindus, and Sikhs were killed as a result of the violence, and no one was held accountable.” There was an anti-Sikh riot in Saharanpur in 2016, but the rioters are now hiding and begging for their lives. BJP has given a model of development and good governance. Today there is no curfew, no riot in UP, everything is fine here. Curfew has been replaced by Kanwar Yatra.”

BJP focuses on solutions, not problems

Addressing a public meeting in Haldwani (Uttarakhand), Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure as India’s Prime Minister would be viewed as India’s golden period post-independence. He criticized the Congress, asserting that the party is the root cause of India’s problems, whereas PM Modi has addressed and resolved the nation’s issues. He continued his criticism of the Congress, stating, “Moreover, Congress is in deep anguish due to the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code in Uttarakhand, which should actually be embraced.” Yogi highlighted that Uttar Pradesh is progressing towards becoming ‘Uttam Pradesh’, thanks to the water from rivers originating from Uttarakhand.

He added: “BJP doesn’t create problems; rather, it solves them. In contrast, Congress has been synonymous with problems throughout its existence. Whether it’s the partition of the country, terrorism, or issues like Naxalism, casteism, corruption, and separatism, Congress’s legacy is rife with challenges. It’s only through leaders like Modi ji that the country has found solutions to these problems,” Yogi asserted.

He further remarked that when the youth of Uttarakhand stands at the border, protecting the nation, 140 crore Indians can sleep peacefully. “It’s a blessing that as the Minister of State for Defence, Ajay Bhatt consistently visits the border to boost the morale of our soldiers.”

Recovery will be made from the land mafia, with interest

While addressing the election rally in Baheri (Bareilly), CM Yogi said no one today can illegally occupy land, whether it belongs to Ram Lalla or a poor person, a trader and a common citizen, threatening severe consequences of any such attempt. He said that criminals involved in grabbing people’s land would have to pay a heavy price as their properties would be confiscated and used for building homes for the poor, as was done in Prayagraj. “When governments like ours and good people are elected, good results follow. Since you voted for the lotus, development and security are taking place. We have provided a better environment for security.”

Yogi said that today any Indian could go to Jammu and Kashmir and buy land, an opportunity, which the Congress party had deprived people of when the party was in power. “Previous governments used to impose curfews and were infamous for their riot policies whereas not a single riot has taken place in the last seven years in Uttar Pradesh. No curfew, no riots; everything’s fine in UP”, he remarked. CM Yogi highlighted the hard efforts made by farmers to earn their livelihood and feed the country. “Previous governments did not understand the value of their hard work.”


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