Conference at LU discusses positive life outcomes for disabled

University of Lucknow

Lucknow: The 2nd day of the two day International Conference, titled “The Idea of Value: Disability and Social Role Valorization” organized by the The Department of English and Modern European Languages, University of Lucknow in collaboration with Keystone Institute India & PYSSUM, started with an insightful presentation by Betsy Nueville (Director, KII).

The session commenced with an introduction, titled “A Glimpse of Social Role Valorization and Its Contribution to a Fulfilling Life,” and further delved into the multifaceted themes of SRV, drawing parallels with the iceberg theory to underscore their nuanced nature.

Central to the discussion was the primary objective of SRV, delineated as the pursuit of positive life outcomes and the plight of individuals relegated to the fringes of social existence. Notably, emphasis was placed on the dehumanizing effect of disability labels, urging a shift in societal perceptions towards individuals with disabilities.

Furthermore, the session underscored the negative roles assumed by individuals and groups complicit in the devaluation process, with a call to transform language to foster clarity and dignity, eschewing pity and violence. In her remarks, Prof. Ranu Uniyal expounded on the conference’s purpose, emphasizing the imperative of fostering awareness and inclusivity regarding disability issues.

The session culminated with the screening of a short film depicting the real-life experiences of a young adult grappling with the overarching themes discussed, highlighting the importance of societal validation and self worth.
Following this, Prof. Banibrata Mahanta, a distinguished faculty member from Banaras Hindu University, delivered a profound plenary note, delving into the discussion centered on contrasting viewpoints regarding disability, juxtaposing mainstream perceptions with insights from disability studies.

The analysis delved into how ‘muteness’ is depicted in literary works as a narrative tool, often carrying metaphorical weight detached from its actual meaning.

The scholarly discourse persisted with an array of research papers presented by students, research scholars, and esteemed academicians. These contributions explored a diverse spectrum of sub-themes such as ‘Disability across Disciplines,’ ‘Disability in Short-Fiction, Drama, Children’s, and Graphic literature,’ ‘Disability and Gender,’ and ‘Disability in Fiction’. Transitioning to the valedictory session, IES Aditi Yadav graced the gathering with her valedictory address. She emphasised the relevance of infrastructure which can enable the disabled community. She also commented on the role of capitalism and government in cooperation to make the world better for disabled people.

Dr. Paridhi Kishore, in turn, eloquently presented the rapporteurs’ report, encapsulating the essence of the proceedings of this conference.The culmination of this intellectually stimulating event was marked by a Vote of Thanks, articulated gracefully by Dr. Raj Gaurav Verma.


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