CM Yogi sees Bijnor as a crowning jewel of Mother India

Bijnor: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that the role of the city’s enlightened people is like that of ancient sages, who lead the society in different fields. The enlightened ones are the opinion leaders of the society, they guide and lead the society. Some are doctors, some are businessmen, lawyers and teachers, some are working for the environment. The public believes in the words of this intelligentsia who leads in different spheres of life. This class motivates the society. People follow the enlightened people. That is why we have come to seek your blessings. Your role is the same as that of the sages and saints in ancient times.

May both our candidates receive blessings from the enlightened people.

CM Yogi Adityanath participated in the dialogue program with intellectuals at JVS Resort. During this, he appealed to vote for BJP-RLD joint candidate Chandan Chauhan from Bijnor seat and BJP candidate Om Kumar from Nagina seat. He said that this is the land of Mahatma Vidur, so I want that both our candidates should get the blessings of you enlightened people.

India is identified with Bijnor district

CM Yogi said that after becoming the Chief Minister, people had told me that the CM who goes to Bijnor has a fixed leave, so I came here like every district. People used to say that one should not stay here at night, but I stayed here and then also established communication with the enlightened people here. At that time I came to know that Bijnor district has a lot of potential. Bijnor is not just Bijnor, but India is identified with this district. This is the land of Mahatma Vidur who comes from the tradition of sages who showed courage to speak the truth even during the period of Mahabharata. This is the same Bijnor from where Mother Ganga arrives in UP and goes till Ballia. Our public representatives here demanded a medical college here, which was immediately accepted, paving the way for a medical college in the name of Mahatma Vidur.

The enlightened ones have a flaw

Chief Minister (CM Yogi) said that there is a shortcoming among the enlightened people. We have big discussions but become lazy at the last moment. This time we have to first vote ourselves and then inspire other people to vote. We have to recognize the value of each of our votes. Your one wrong vote spreads anarchy, puts the safety of daughter and businessman in danger, terrorism and separatism flourish, but your right vote respects faith and heritage and provides means of livelihood to the youth. The country develops rapidly. Security and prosperity increase. Because of your one vote, Article 370 was abolished in Kashmir. One head, one mark and one law have been implemented there. After waiting for 500 years, Ramlala is seated in his grand temple.

Modi’s guarantee is a guarantee of security and prosperity

CM Yogi said that you have seen SP, BSP and Congress ruling. Everyone got opportunity and you have seen that the best tenure is of Modi ji. If the vote goes into wrong hands then curfew is imposed, if it goes into right hands then Kanwar Yatra takes place. There is a guarantee of carrying forward the life of every citizen in the country with self-respect and dignity without any discrimination. This is Modi’s guarantee, which is also the guarantee of security and prosperity.

Guarantee of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s work echoing across the country: CM Yogi

For some people their family will be important, but for Modi ji the entire country is his family. The Chief Minister said that today the country is the same, the state is the same, only the government has changed. Today there is no curfew and riot in UP. Daughter and businessman are safe. Festivals and festivals are being celebrated peacefully. The whole country is eager to come to Ayodhya and Kashi. The business of traders is flourishing. We need to tell this thing in the society.

Chaudhary Charan Singh knew the pulse of India

Chief Minister (CM Yogi) said that if any politician recognized the pulse of India, it was Chaudhary Charan Singh ji, who had said that the path of India’s progress goes through the fields and barns of the country. Gratitude to the Prime Minister for honoring Chaudhary Saheb with Bharat Ratna. On this occasion, State Government Minister Dinesh Khatik, Regional President Satyendra Sisodia, BJP District President Bhupendra Chauhan, RLD District President Rajendra Panwar, Hariom Sharma, Kamlesh Saini, Shuchi Chaudhary, Ashok Rana etc. dignitaries were present.


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