CM Yogi pushes forth Nation First agenda of PM Modi

CM Yogi

Varanasi: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi) interacted with advocates at Ramasare Vatika near Varanasi court. He said that advocates have dedicated themselves to the country and society. PM Modi is the priority of advocates and advocates are his priority. In the freedom struggle, advocates stopped their practice and gave full time to the country. They had Nation First in their mind. Today PM Modi has also started the campaign of Nation First. On one side there are people with Nation First and on the other side there are people with Family First. Today works of heritage, security, respect, development and poor welfare are being done. Our advocate community used to get tired of fighting, but the Ayodhya decision could not come. Now a temple has also been built there. You are doing something else in Kashi. Seeing Kashi, now it has started in Mathura as well.

Rule of law and security are the first conditions for good governance

CM Yogi said that rule of law and security are the first conditions for good governance. We are complementary to each other. The advocate community works to effectively implement the Act made by the legislature. A person suffering from his own people does not sign on the instructions of a family member, but wherever the advocate asks, he signs. You and your uniform are a symbol of trust. The commitment to get justice to the victim is commendable and praiseworthy. Your efforts to get justice to every section of the society, from the poor to the rich, give a new life to millions of people.

The enlightened class of the advocate society

The CM said that the advocate is the enlightened class of the society. This class has never separated itself from the burning problems of the country, but has always stood in the front line to face the challenges boldly. The advocate community was in the front line of the country’s freedom struggle. They took good degrees in the country and the world, but felt that the profession of being an advocate cannot be everything, so they jumped into the country’s freedom movement by keeping a good practice, then independence was miles away, but they kept the nation first. Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Bhimrao Ambedkar and Malviya ji, who fought in the freedom struggle, were also advocates.

Malviya  saved many revolutionaries from the gallows

The CM (CM Yogi) said that when the revolutionaries of Gorakhpur were hanged in Chauri Chaura, Malviya ji stood for several hours to plead for them and saved many from the gallows. The advocate community stood for every challenge of the country, so the advocate community cannot remain behind even in the great festival of democracy. In ten years you have seen the changing Kashi, India and in seven years the new Uttar Pradesh. The credit for this goes to the people of Kashi, because you elected Modi ji as a representative and sent him to the Parliament. Not only Kashi, Uttar Pradesh, but the country and the world are taking advantage of this change. When there is a crisis in the world, the world looks towards India and Modi.

The CM (CM Yogi) counted the development works of Kashi

The CM said that the country’s largest ropeway is being built in Kashi from Cantt Station to Kashi Vishwanath Dham. This work will be completed by the end of this year. Every day one lakh devotees will use it. Development has taken place from the roads of Kashi to the lanes. There was freedom from dangling wires. The ghats of Kashi were beautified and the Ganga ji became uninterrupted and clean. Not only the connectivity of Kashi to Haldia in the form of road, railway, international airport and waterway shows that Kashi has become the center of every connectivity. Kashi Vishwanath Dham has been established in Kashi. Earlier there used to be a problem if 50 devotees came here, today there is no problem even if 50 thousand devotees come here. 10-10 lakh devotees visit in a day. This leads to the development of people of every section including boat, taxi, hotel, restaurant, prasad sellers.

Perception about Kashi has changed

CM Yogi said that people’s perception about Kashi has changed. People who came to Nav-Divya Kashi go back overwhelmed. Before 2017, extortion was common in Kashi. Mafia was dominant, they used to interfere in every work. Businessman Nandkishore Rungta was kidnapped, killed and thrown away after taking ransom. In the face of terrorism, the government of the country and the state had surrendered to the mafia. Now you are the carriers of change in India and UP, because you supported BJP and Modi. Whatever the government is giving, it is our duty and it is our responsibility to protect every section of the society.

Funds provided for construction of advocates’ chambers

The CM said that we also had to go to the advocates for justice. Looking at their chambers, it seemed that they fight for others, but work in the absence of facilities. The sun and moon were visible in the chamber during the day, yet the advocates worked regardless of the weather. Then we said that if the court building is built, then the advocates’ chambers should also be connected to it. There should be a balance between the bench and the bar. The government also provided funds for the construction of advocates’ chambers. A world-class law university is being built in the name of Dr. Rajendra Prasad in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Our effort is to make it a standard for the country. Create a team of good advocates from there.

CM (CM Yogi) counted the works done in the interest of advocates

CM (CM Yogi) also counted the works done by the state government in solving the problems of advocates. He said that we have increased the advocate fund from one and a half lakh to five lakhs. The Corpus Fund has been increased to Rs 500 crore. Advocates can earn money from its interest only.

Advocates will not face any problem.

CM (CM Yogi) informed that 127 crores, 81 lakhs 50 thousand have been paid to 2751 dependents. Currently, 456 applications have been received for assistance. 22 crores 26 lakhs will be sent to their accounts soon. 336 new applications have been received, 16 crores 80 lakhs have been approved for them. 66 crores, 45 lakhs 89 thousand 926 rupees have been paid to 3505 advocates from 2017-18 till now. Under the Uttar Pradesh Advocate Social Security Fund Scheme, 14 crores, 75 lakhs 22 thousand 112 rupees have been paid to the dependents of 1872 deceased advocates from 2017-18 till now as death claim.

Financial assistance of one crore 60 lakhs has been approved and made available to 3758 young advocates for purchasing books and magazines etc. for three years. Money has been released for chamber construction in Jhansi, Varanasi, Sultanpur, Pratapgarh, Siddharthnagar, Santkabirnagar, Deoria, Balrampur, Gorakhpur. 11.31 crores have been released to Prayagraj, 5.25 crores to Kasganj, 4.88 crores to Lucknow, 4.85 crores to Shravasti. The process of building a multi-level parking cum advocate chamber for 10 thousand advocates has been started in Prayagraj High Court. Rs 608 crore has been sanctioned for this.

State government minister Ravindra Jaiswal, MLA Dr. Neelkanth Tiwari, Dr. Awadhesh Singh, President of The Central Bar Association Muralidhar Singh, General Secretary Surendra Nath Pandey, President of The Banaras Bar Association Awadhesh Singh, General Secretary Kamlesh Singh, President of Commissionerate Bar Association Ravi Shankar Tripathi, President of Sales Tax Bar Association Pramod Ram Tripathi, President of Income Tax Bar Association Shriprakash Gupta, Bar Council members Harishankar Singh, Praveen Kumar Tripathi, Vinod Kumar Pandey, Prashant Singh Atal etc. were present in the conference.


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