Bhadrachalam: Rama worshipers have limited space among VIPs

Hyderabad: Finding reasonably priced lodging has proved to be a challenge for devotees who want to attend the kalyanam (celestial wedding) of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita and pattabhisekham at Bhadrachalam on April 17 and 18.


In several lodges, the owners have set up around 25% of the rooms for expensive rental; police officers have another 25% of the rooms booked; and the revenue department has set aside another 25% of the rooms for VIPs and VVIPs. Only 25% of the accommodations are still available for the thousands of pilgrims who visit the temple town each year.

Devotees said that despite government promises to put the needs of the ordinary people first, they are forced to sleep on the streets since there are no rooms available. In addition, a few lodge owners and intermediaries are obstructing rooms on the internet before overcharging for their rental services.

About two lakh devotees are expected to attend the activities, according to authorities. Sources said that the accommodations offered are minimal, nevertheless. Private lodging is the only option available to the general public since the majority of government and religious cottages are designated for VIPs.

The proprietors of private lodges are accused by devotees of attempting to pillage them by demanding astronomical rates, between Rs 6,000 and Rs 10,000, for a room with two or three beds.

Local resident N Mohan Rao said, “Some lodge owners even block rooms under the pretense of repairs, only to sell them for Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000.” There are also reports of some intermediaries and brokers renting out tiny, empty properties and charging more for them.

Only 25% of the total rooms are available for booking online for devotees, according to K Damodar Rao, the revenue divisional officer for Bhadrachalam, who spoke with TNIE. But there has to be some degree of adjustment with major occurrences.

It is forbidden for large cars to enter Temple Town.

A significant number of devotees are expected to arrive in Bhadrachalam on Wednesday and Thursday in advance of the kalyanam and pattabhishekam rites. As a result, Superintendent of Police (SP) Rohit Raju said on Monday that heavy vehicles would not be permitted to enter the area. SP Raju urged drivers to carefully abide with any imposed traffic calming measures and detours. He said that information about QR codes has been posted so that followers may access it on their devices.

Bhadrachalam receives a new Godavari bridge

Collector Priyanka Ala dedicated the 1.25-kilometer bridge that spans the Godavari in Bhadrachalam on Monday. The bridge’s construction cost ~98.45 crore, and work on it began in 2014. The bridge’s opening provides a great comfort to devotees traveling to Bhadrachalam during Ram Navami.

Wine stores and bars will stay closed

Wine and toddy stores, as well as bars connected to restaurants, will be closed from Wednesday at 6 a.m. to Thursday at 6 a.m. in honor of Sri Ram Navami on Wednesday. However, bars at upscale hotels and licensed clubs are allowed to stay open and run normally.


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