Atishi Marlena’s hunger strike ends after her health deteriorates

Atishi Marlena

Sanjay Singh says – I will now raise the water crisis issue in Parliament

New Delhi: Water Minister Atishi Marlena, who was on a hunger strike over the water crisis in Delhi, has fallen ill. After which Aam Aadmi Party leader Sanjay Singh and other party leaders and workers admitted Atishi to Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan Hospital late at night. Now the hunger strike has been called off. AAP MP Sanjay Singh said that the hunger strike for water in Delhi is being ended here. Due to rain, the water level has increased by 10 MGD. The Water Minister is admitted in the ICU. Sanjay Singh said he will write a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi today on the water problem and demand a solution to the drinking water crisis. He also said that by mobilizing the opposition, he will raise the voice of the drinking water crisis in Delhi inside  Parliament.

Sanjay Singh said that the water allocation for Delhi was 1005 MGD in 1994. Then the population was one crore. Today it has become three crore. But the water is being received the same. In such a situation, how can water be supplied in sufficient quantity in Delhi, when the prescribed quantity of water is not being supplied.

He further said – Arvind Kejriwal’s government laid 12 thousand km of pipeline in Delhi. 500 crore rupees were spent to ensure that water is not wasted inside the canal. After all, what is the enmity of BJP against the people of Delhi? They gave all seven seats and made two ministers. For three times, the people of Delhi have been electing BJP MPs. Water Minister Atishi was on hunger strike for five days over all these problems.

Sanjay Singh said that last night Atishi’s condition started deteriorating. When she was examined in LNJP, Apollo Hospital, her sugar level was 36. The doctors advised that she would have to be admitted to the hospital immediately or else she could die. She was admitted to the ICU of LNJP Hospital at 3:30 in the night. She is still in the ICU. All her tests are going on. We pray to God that she comes out of the ICU soon.

Sanjay Singh said that this time he will raise the issue of water in the parliament and will also strongly raise the issue of paper leak. Due to paper leak in various examinations, the future of about 2 crore youth of the country has been ruined. Why are the examinations whose paper leak has been proved not being cancelled. Sanjay Singh also said that if the Lok Sabha speaker is from the Bharatiya Janata Party, then efforts will be made to break their alliance parties. BJP will break the MPs of NDA’s constituent parties and include them in its fold. NDA’s constituent parties should make their own Lok Sabha speaker.

Apart from this, Sanjay Singh said that the construction of Ram temple was incomplete. Shankaracharya had opposed the consecration of Ram temple in an incomplete temple. Despite this, to take electoral advantage, the Bharatiya Janata Party consecrated Ram temple. When they did not spare God, why will God spare them. This is the reason why BJP suffered a bad defeat.


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