Anti Hindu elements need to learn a lesson – Dr. Pravin Togadia

Sagar: Pravin Togadia, founder of International Hindu Parishad referring to the Shri Ram lalla consecration, mentioned the Shri Ram temple of Ayodhya. He said, “After 500 years, Lord Shri Ramlalla is seated in Ayodhya. This is a matter of pride for Hindus. But there are still people in India with Jihadi thinking who want to destroy the Ram temple. Incidents of this thinking also keep happening. We have to deal with them now. They should be punished. ,

Pravin Togadia said that our plan is to create an agency for the development of Hindus in the entire country. Whose name is HDO. By building Hanuman Chalisa Development Centre, it has been resolved to provide facilities to Hindus ranging from security, prosperity, provision of food grains to their health. Training for women’s safety will also be given in these centres.

What did Praveen Togadia say about Dhar Bhojshala?

Pravin Togadia, founder of International Hindu Parishad, said regarding the ongoing ASI survey in Dhar Bhojshala, that there is only a temple of Saraswati Mata in Dhar Bhojshala. This will be proved in the survey. That place should be handed over to Hindus. The banquet hall was ours. When the media asked him about not getting respect commensurate with his work, Pravin Togadia said that I am not out for fame. I have come out only for the pride of Hindus. The pride of Hindus is increasing in the country.

Lord Ram’s temple is our pride- Togadia

Pravin Togadia further said that Shri Ram temple was built in Ayodhya. This is our pride. I have been in the trust before. Stayed with its chief Champat Rai for twenty years. He said that I am fighting only for Hindus. VHP itself started the movement for the construction of Ram temple. Chalo Vidya Kooch campaign was launched in 2018. The stones used to build the Ram temple have been prepared by grinding them for 32 years. Ram temple has now been built. We are happy about this.

He told that this Ram temple was built with the stones which were being prepared for 32 years. This temple was built at this time because the country has now awakened. Hindus will have to work for this to live with respect in the country. On the role of politics, Pravin Togadia said that I have no connection with any party. Neither went to any party’s office nor to any minister or leader’s house. I have worked only for Hindu interests. This is why I have met people. The founder president of International Hindu Parishad, Dr. Pravin Togadia had reached Sagar on Monday (April 1) night. Here he was warmly welcomed by the workers. He also held a meeting with local workers and intellectuals on Tuesday.


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