AK Sharma calls for urgent cleaning of drains

AK Sharma

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh’s Urban Development and Energy Minister AK Sharma has directed that all the bodies should get the drains cleaned completely before the monsoon season arrives and maximum use of machines and manpower should be made in cleaning the bushes, silt etc. grown in it. The bodies of the state should have a place in the national and global bench marking. For this, qualitative improvement should be made in the development works, management and beautification works. Cleanliness of the bodies should be further improved by increasing the infrastructure. Urban…

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In Uttar Pradesh, power supply makes new records each day

Lucknow: Due to the scorching heat in Uttar Pradesh, new records of power demand and supply are being made continuously. On Tuesday night, the demand for electricity reached the highest 29,820 MW in the history of the state, while the consumption also reached about 643 million units. On May 31, the demand for electricity reached 29,727 MW, which was fulfilled by the Power Corporation and a new record was set. On July 24, 2023, the maximum demand reached 28,284 MW, which was a record. CM Yogi’s strict instructions to the…

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