12th Mango Festival: Boosting Economy, Empowering Farmers

Mango Festival

Lucknow: Get ready to enjoy the delicious taste of mangoes and experience the vibrant culture of Awadh at the 12th Annual Mango Festival organised by Lucknow Farmers Market. This June, immerse yourself in a festival that not only brings the finest mangoes to your table but also stimulates the economy, promotes ecotourism and empowers local farmers and women entrepreneurs.

Preserving traditional heritage and supporting farmers is at the core of the Mango Festival. Conceptualised by Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah, CEO of Lucknow Farmers Market, the Festival is a testimony to the enduring legacy of Awadh’s heritage and culture. “The Festival was born out of a passion to celebrate the glory of mangoes and support our local farmers. It is about creating a sustainable model that benefits everyone involved, from reaching consumers, ensuring greater profits for farmers and providing more opportunities for women to become self-reliant,” says Habibullah.

Farmers Market, Cheshire Home, Lucknow: June 16 and 17 (10am to 6pm). Discover a variety of mangoes and related products, directly supporting local farmers.

Orchard Visit, Vintage Village, Lakhimpur Road, Sitapur: June 23 (7am to 11am). Experience the beauty of mango orchards and buy fresh mangoes directly from the source.

This year’s highlights include: Signature Farm Visits on Sunday, June 9 at Madhav Udyan, Village Mall and on Sunday, June 23 at Vintage Village, Sitapur. These visits provide participants with a unique opportunity to mingle with nature in beautiful orchards, promote biodiversity and remind us of those summer holidays we read about in books. Participants can buy mangoes directly from farmers, giving them fresh produce and supporting local agriculture.

For farmers, the festival represents an important economic boost. “Selling mangoes directly to consumers at the Festival has been a game-changer for us,” says Lakhan Singh, a farmer from Malihabad. “We can offer our mangoes at a better price and connect with people who enjoy our fruits. It is extremely satisfying.”

Apart from farm visits, the Festival also features a rich array of cultural activities such as craft exhibitions, musical performances, food tastings, storytelling – Lucknow’s famous Dastangoi, poetry, shayari and environmental initiatives. The Guthli Club, a green initiative that propagates mango saplings from seeds, plants these saplings in local villages every year.

The Festival also serves as a launchpad for new mango-based products. Over the past 12 years, around 45 new products have been introduced, including mango-based skincare, food items, raw mango dishwash powder, recycled products and mango-inspired art. Even more exciting launches are expected this year, showcasing the versatility and potential of this beloved fruit.

Additionally, the Festival has introduced an app for farmers, which facilitates direct sales to consumers. This initiative not only benefits farmers by eliminating the need for long preservation times but also ensures that consumers get the freshest mangoes.

Empowering Women and Promoting Ecotourism: The Mango Festival is committed to helping more women farmers and entrepreneurs become self-reliant. By providing women with platforms to showcase their products and connect with consumers, the Festival fosters an inclusive community that celebrates and supports female entrepreneurship.

Ecotourism is also an important aspect of the Festival. Farm visits and orchard tours promote sustainable tourism, encouraging people to appreciate and preserve the natural environment, while supporting local agriculture.



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