Youth killing self trying to get a unique high

Lucknow: Not only are the youth of the capital addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, but now they are also using the substances available easily and at cheap prices. These intoxicants are spoiling the health of youngsters rapidly. These include consumption of whitener, nail polish remover, solution, injection, medicines available in medical stores, banned medicines, cough syrup used in cold and cough, pain reliever, etc.

In teenage age, children get attracted towards this wrong path by seeing others taking drugs through social media and movies. First they develop a hobby and then gradually they get used to it. They are unaware of its dangers. The surprising thing is that despite being banned, they easily get these substances.

For drug addiction, youth are using easily available tablets, cough syrups and injections. Such medicines, injections and cough syrups cannot be sold from medical stores without a doctor’s prescription, but many times the youth buy them easily after making acquaintance with the shopkeepers.

Apart from this, easily available items are proving fatal for the youth. Many youth are addicted to smelling petrol. The smell of petrol directly affects the nervous system, due to which the supply of oxygen to the brain may stop. Despite the danger, some youth are using it for intoxication.

Nail polish remover is also being used extensively for intoxication. Young people use it easily without being noticed by others. The youth sprinkle it on a handkerchief and smell it. Remover bottles are also easily available in shops for 20 to 40 rupees. Whitener is also easily available in the market. The youth buy it and then become intoxicated by drinking or sniffing it.

However, if one becomes addicted to this drug daily then life can also be in danger. Apart from this, there are many such cough syrups being sold in the market for cold and cough, which are easily available without doctor’s prescription, which are being used by the youth for intoxication. Cough syrup contains alcohol, hence overdose of the syrup causes intoxication.

The youth keep sniffing the solution by putting it in a handkerchief or making a small hole in the tube. Due to this he remains drunk the whole day. Some youth even consume it for food. Many times he even becomes unconscious due to overdose. Many youth also use the painkiller Iodex for intoxication. It is consumed instead of butter in bread or roti.

According to a report, one death occurs every seven seconds in the country due to drug abuse. Cigarette smokers probably do not know that one cigarette reduces nine to ten minutes of life. A single consumption of Gutkha or consumption of tobacco reduces the life span by three to five minutes. The main cause of lung cancer is drug addiction. 90 percent of all lung cancer patients are drug addicts. Intoxication is the cause of 25 percent of the diseases affecting the body.


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