When in Noida, let your inner traveller explore

Noida: Traveling on weekends is very important for people living in Delhi-NCR. When someone does not get leave, he goes out for a walk. Going on a road trip, train trip or flight trip has become almost a monthly task for them. In such a situation, if you live in or around Noida, then it is also important that you visit the places around the city. There are many places to visit or have a good time, which you might not know about. You can visit such places regularly and have a good time. Let us know which places in Noida area you can plan to hang out with friends or go shopping etc.

Noida haat – You must have heard about Dilli Haat, Similarly there is Noida Haat in Noida where you can do shopping as well as have fun. Here you can enjoy handicrafts, handlooms, handicrafts, decorations, traditional food etc. This place is located in D Block of Sector 32. Seasonal festivals etc. are also organized here from time to time.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary – Okhla Bird Sanctuary is located at the gateway to Noida in Gautam Buddha Nagar district. If you are a nature lover and like to live in nature, you will definitely love this place. This place is very popular for bird watching and is visited by a large number of bird lovers. Here you can see those species of birds which are no longer easily seen. There are many seats here where you can sit and enjoy the weather and breeze. The location is at the entrance of Kalindi Kunj-Noida Expressway where the nearest metro station is Botanical Garden.

Botanical Garden – The name Botanical Garden also suggests that this place is known for different types of trees and plants. It is considered one of the best tourist places in Noida. Here you can see many types of plants and flower species at one place. The collection of plants here may surprise you. This place is located in Sector 38 and you can reach here by coming from Botanical Garden metro station.

National Dalit Inspiration Center – This place is good to spend time with family and friends. This place is a memorial dedicated to the inspiring people of the Dalit community who dedicated their entire lives for social justice and equality. To reach here you have to reach Eco City Bio Scope Road, Sector 95. The nearest metro station here is Noida Sector 15.


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