Weekly Horoscope: March 31 to April 6

Aries – This week is going to be good for you. You will spend a good time with your family this week. You will see a change in your nature this week, due to which people in the family will come closer to you.

Taurus – This week is going to be wonderful for you, your planned tasks will be completed. You can go on a trip outside for some special work. This week, there will be possibilities of auspicious work in the family.

Gemini – This week you may have to face some problems, like you may be accused of some problem in the family. Also, your opponents may try to implicate you in a false case etc., be cautious of your opponents.

Cancer – This week will be very hectic for you. Due to some family related issues, you may remain mentally disturbed. Differences between brothers and nephews may increase in the family.

Leo – This week will be full of happiness for you, you will spend wonderful time with the family. It is possible that guests may arrive at your home this week, due to which the atmosphere at home will be wonderful.

Virgo – At this time, you are going to get some big success, due to which you will see a wonderful and pleasant atmosphere in the family. Any old family dispute will end. Everything is going to be fine again in the family.

Libra – This week may be full of difficulties for you. There can be major differences in the family between children and wife regarding studies or family related matters, due to which there will be an atmosphere of unrest.

Scorpio – This week you may have to make some changes in your lifestyle. You may have to change your workplace, due to which there will be a lot of hustle and bustle. You will get success.

Sagittarius – This week will bring something good for you. You may be benefited by someone special. You may get your stuck money back this week, due to which your mind will be happy.

Capricorn – This week you can take a big decision, which will end family disputes. You may decide to stay away from your family, which will end the ongoing dispute between your wife and family.

Aquarius – You may receive some sad news this week. You may lose a family member or a special friend this week, due to which your mind will remain restless.

Pisces – This week there will be some ups and downs for Pisces people. You will feel some mental pressure, due to which changes will be seen in your work and nature.


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