Water with electrolytes helps beat heatwave pangs

Dr. Sunil Verma Max

Lucknow: As the summer heat turns for the worse, doctors are weighing in on multiple options that can keep one safe from the adverse impact of heatwave. Speaking exclusively to The Lucknow Tribune, Dr. Sunil Verma Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Lucknow said that there is no beating the essential thumb rule of staying hydrated.

Talking of the basic precautions, Dr. Verma said that it is always good while heading out in the heat one should drink small quantity of water in brief intervals, have water mixed with electrolytes, lemon juice can be another drink that replenishes the body, make sure that salt and water proportion in body is good. Wear loose fitting clothes that help you breathe easy.

In these times the major stress points for patients are heat exhaustion, cramps, heat stroke and muscle fatigue. Common irritants that are often reported are nausea, pain, fatigue, fever, the health problems are worse than infection.

Talking of the important attributes of a good physician are availability, behavior, compatibility, diagnosis proficiency and emotional and ethical working.

Dr. Verma says that in its present modern avatar, Max Super Speciality Hospital will now be driven by a digital first approach armed with modern smarter technologically advanced approach. He says patient tracking now is happening at the click of a button. From admission to discharge, doctors can track every development in real time. With a more forward looking approach, corporate tieups are happening even as we speak.

Signing off, Dr. Sunil Verma says that one must stay healthy and happy and maintain a body clock that does not hamper human health. He adds eat, sleep and rise on time with a suitable exercise regimen.


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