Uttarakhand’s Chhota Packet Bada Dhamaka approach

Dehradun: Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami  is pulling all stops so that his team at Devbhoomi can give an edge to the election campaign in Uttarakhand to realize the target of 400 plus with good contribution from Uttarakhand. The Modi-Dhami duo will write a new story of victory in Devbhoomi this time too as per political watchers. Under this campaign, Dhami is leaving no stone unturned in boosting the enthusiasm of the workers by attending public meetings one after the other.

Uttarakhand may play a minor role in the political scenario in the Lok Sabha, but the message sent from here across the country is very effective. Its results have also been seen at the Center in the last two Lok Sabha elections. Now for the third time the election season has started under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. In such a situation, preparations are being made to give a big message from Devbhoomi this time too.

Chief Minister Dhami’s presence in many programs held in three Lok Sabha constituencies for the last several days is a part of the election strategy. In the coming days also, there will not only be vigorous meetings of Chief Minister Dhami, but there is a comprehensive plan to break the margin of previous victory and conquer the new target.

Especially under the leadership of young Chief Minister Dhami (CM Dhami), there are many big examples including Champawat, Bageshwar by-election, Panchayat elections in Haridwar, who has written the story of the victory of Lok Sabha 2024. It is clear from the X factor along with the old track record of Dhami government that this election will break all the old records and write a new story of victory.

Chief Minister Dhami has given the message by participating in the road show for the nomination of Tehri Lok Sabha candidate Mala Rajyalakshmi Shah, in the public meeting for the nomination program of Pauri Garhwal candidate Anil Baluni in the afternoon and in several programs in Nainital Lok Sabha. Will participate in various programs today (Thursday) also.

During this, Chief Minister Dhami appeared full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm and was confident of the victory of the party candidates with record votes. It is believed that Chief Minister Dhami will give more edge to the public meetings and programs to hoist the flag in all five Lok Sabhas and establish new records. A roadmap has been prepared for this.


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