Uttar Pradesh government gears up to modernize aided-schools

Aided schools
  • Uttar Pradesh’s aided schools will be equipped with modern education system
  • Rejuvenation of aided schools begins under CM Yogi’s detailed action plan
  • UP govt to develop mobile app connecting aided schools, integrating Aadhaar and other data
  • App to feature geo-tagging, Social Welfare Department assigns app development to Uttar Pradesh Electronics Corporation Limited
  • App development to enable tracking and management of over 60,000 students and staff across 400+ aided schools

Lucknow: The Yogi government, committed to enhancing the quality of education in Uttar Pradesh through modernization, has initiated the rejuvenation of the state’s aided schools. Following the detailed action plan prepared as per the wishes of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the process has begun to connect these schools to an online platform. Soon, a mobile app will be developed, integrating Aadhaar and other vital information of students and staff.

This app will be equipped with many features including geo tagging and a teaching staff module. The Social Welfare Department has entrusted the responsibility of its development to Uttar Pradesh Electronics Corporation Limited (UPLC). Taking the process forward, UPLC has started the process of selection and allocation of work to the empanelled companies and has sought applications through e-tender.

App development will include completion of various processes

Aligning with CM Yogi’s vision of development, preparations are being made to develop the app completing various processes. In this sequence, the app development service provider agency selected by UPLC after allocation will first have to prepare a detailed project study based on the feedback received from the department officials.

Next, important data from aided schools, including information about students, staff, Aadhaar, and other crucial information will be collected. This data will be compiled and adjusted according to the System Requirements Specification (SRS). The project report and detailed report will be created based on this, paving the way for the app’s development.

Registration module and MIS to be made accessible

Based on the System Requirements Specification, the Detailed Project Report (DPR) will guide the development of the app and online modules, including the registration module and the Management Information System (MIS). The registration module will be divided into three categories: student registration, staff registration, and school (infrastructure) registration. These modules will be developed on the basis of easy accessibility.

App to track over 60,000 students

This online module-based mobile app is being developed to manage a vast database, allowing the tracking and accessing of information for over 60,000 students from a single platform. The app will include students’ date of birth, gender, mobile number, address, family background, social and financial details, Aadhaar validation, and academic records. Similar information will be recorded for staff and teachers as well.

Additionally, the app will store details about schools, including name, complete address, management details, and latitude-longitude coordinates.

Data of over 400 aided schools to be integrated into one platform

The app will be equipped with advanced security features like login and access of more than 400 aided schools, directorate login (admin), ID password management enabled, user role defining and permission access, listing, user friendly accessibility, analytics and scalability capability. The implementing agency will also ensure that 16 GB RAM based hosting service, one terabyte storage and search engine optimized app will be developed.

Additionally, annual maintenance and a three-day official training for staff will be provided, following recommendations from the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).


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