Unique artistic flair


Lucknow: “Meghdootam”, a solo exhibition of the artworks of senior painter Raghubir Ambar of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, based on the poetic work Meghdoot of great poet Kalidas recently caught the attention of the city art lovers. A prominent attraction at the city’s Saraka Art Gallery on Mall Avenue, Lucknow the exhibition has garnered ulsome praise from all walks of life. The exhibition was inaugurated by senior poet Naresh Saxena. Raghubir Ambar has given the indelible poetic voice of the great poet Kalidas a visual language of colors and lines and has engraved it on the surface of his canvas. Ambar has depicted every emotion described in Meghdoot very well. The postures of the human figures in the paintings are indicative of his keen vision.

Dr. Vandana Sehgal, curator of the exhibition, said that “Meghdootam” is a lyric poem written by one of the greatest Sanskrit poets, Kalidasa (circa 4th-5th century AD). It describes how a Yaksha, a subject of King Kubera (god of wealth), after being exiled for a year to central India due to neglect of his duties, travels to a passing village to send a message to his wife.          Coordinator Bhupendra Asthana said that 67-year-old senior artist Raghuveer Ambar has received training as an artist and engineer from Gwalior. He received many accolades for his art and exhibited these paintings at many places in India.


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