U.P. votes in a disciplined fashion

Lucknow: State Chief Electoral Officer  Navdeep Rinwa said that in the third phase of Lok Sabha General Election-2024, 10 Lok Sabha constituencies 08-Sambhal, 16-Hathras (SC), 18-Agra (SC), 19-Fatehpur Sikri, 20-Firozabad. Voting was completed peacefully on 07 May in 21-Mainpuri, 22-Etah, 23-Badayun, 24-Amla and 25-Bareilly. The said constituencies are located in 12 districts – Moradabad, Sambhal, Hathras, Aligarh, Agra, Etah, Firozabad, Mainpuri, Etawah, Kasganj, Badaun and Bareilly districts.

He said that based on the information received from the districts till 6:00 pm, an average of 57.34 percent voting took place in the 10 Lok Sabha constituencies of the state. In which 8-62.81 percent in Sambhal, 16-55.36 percent in Hathras (SC), 18-53.99 percent in Agra (SC), 19-57.09 percent in Fatehpur Sikri, 20-58.22 percent in Firozabad, 21-58.59 percent in Mainpuri, Voting was 59.17 percent in 22-Etah, 23-54.05 percent in Badaun, 24-57.08 percent in Aula, 25-Bareilly 57.88 percent.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that in order to keep the voting process free and fair, arrangements for webcasting were made at a total of 10,208 polling places for effective supervision, which was supervised at all three levels by the District Election Officer, Chief Electoral Officer and Election Commission of India. Went. Apart from this, arrangements for videography were also made at 3503 polling places.

Similarly, for the third phase of postal ballot voting, 17,278 voters in eligible categories (such as voters above 85 years of age, disabled, voters related to essential services and personnel deployed on election duty) voted through postal ballot. Among voters above 85 years of age and disabled voters who had opted for postal ballot, voting was conducted by the polling team at their homes. To make the process free, fair and transparent, a micro observer and videographer were deployed with the polling team and the schedule of the polling team was made available to the candidates to send themselves or their agents to watch the entire process and in this category The list of eligible voters was also made available to the candidates. Complete videography of this voting process has been done.

Apart from this, postal ballots were also sent through electronic mode (ETPBS) by the Returning Officer to a total of 41,908 service voters. EDC has been issued to 13,515 personnel.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that 10 general observers, 06 police observers and 14 expenditure observers were also deployed by the Commission to keep a vigilant eye on the voting. Apart from this, 1887 Sector Magistrates, 241 Zonal Magistrates, 668 Static Magistrates and 2859 Micro Observers were also deployed.

One Senior General Observer, 01 Senior Police Observer and 01 Senior Expenditure Observer were also deployed at the state level by the Election Commission of India, who supervised the entire election process by staying in the field.

He said that on the day of voting on May 07, certain complaints were received by various political parties through email, which were promptly resolved by the district officials and the political parties were also informed through email. Adequate number of paramilitary forces were deployed to conduct the elections peacefully. The responsibility of security of EVM strong room has also been given to paramilitary forces.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that EVMs and VVPATs required for voting in all 20415 polling stations (polling booths) and adequate number of reserve EVMs and VVPATs were arranged in different districts. Wherever complaints were received during voting, immediate and effective action was taken to replace EVMs and VVPATs.

According to the information received from the districts, a total of 167 Ballot Units (BUs), 295 Control Units (CUs) and 478 VVPATs were changed during the mock poll and after the start of voting, a total of 48 BUs, 48 ​​CUs and 152 VVPATs were changed till 6:00 pm. The elections were conducted completely peacefully and no untoward incident was reported.


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