U.P. Governor meets specially able women

Lucknow: Governor Anandiben Patel  visited ‘Matrichhaya’, a shelter home for physically disabled and mentally challenged women run by the voluntary organization Umeed, located in Sarojini Nagar, Lucknow and met the concerned women.

On this occasion, the Governor praised the Umeed organization and said that such work can be accomplished only if there is a feeling of service in the mind. Praising the Umeed organization, she said that it provided shelter to such daughters and mothers who were separated from their families or abandoned by the society. She said that the number of people holding hands with such people in the society is less.

Expressing happiness over the environment of Matruchhaya shelter home, the Governor said that here one gets pure air, peace, environment and love, free from the crowd and pollution of the city.

The Governor said that such work is conducted by the government and voluntary organizations, but it is the responsibility of all citizens to help such family members and take them to the right place. She also expected the police department to ensure that if such brothers and sisters are found anywhere in Uttar Pradesh, they should be taken to suitable places and their health facilities should be taken care of. The Governor said that when the health of such people starts improving, they remember their old memories and such organizations then contact them and work to take them to their homes.

Praising the Umeed organization for orienting 500 children involved in begging towards education, the Governor said that they are being given the benefit of smart classes and government schemes for their studies. The parents of the children have also been freed from this profession and they are being given vocational training. She said that learning through training increases self-confidence and women try to move forward.

The Governor termed this type of work as a divine work and a virtuous work and said that today the society is connecting with such works. She said that when all people with the same noble thoughts come together then such works are possible. She also appealed to the villagers to cooperate in this type of work.

The Governor encouraged the mentally retarded women by laying the foundation stone of the cow shed at the shelter home and observing the exhibition of products made by the inmates of the shelter home, courtesy of Lucknow Udyog Bharti. She met the women living in the shelter home and inquired about their well-being. In the program organized today, the song ‘Hum Honge Kamyab’ was also presented by mentally retarded women.

On this occasion, the Governor honored the members of Lucknow Udyog Bharti and other dignitaries who cooperated in the shelter home Matruchhaya.

In the program, the founder of Umeed Sanstha, Balveer Singh Mann said that service to humans is service to God. At the conclusion of the program,  Aradhana Singh of Umeed Sanstha thanked the Governor.

On this occasion,  Usha Awasthi, members of Lucknow Udyog Bharti, associated organizations and others were present.


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