Tom Moody pitches four spinner format

Mumbai: Speaking exclusively on Star Sports Cricket Live, former Australian cricketer Tom Moody spoke on the tactic of using four spinners in the squad: “I think they are taking spinners because they think spin is going to win. And it gives them the balance of not worrying about playing six out of seven specialist bowlers and batters. It allows them to play an all-rounder spinner, in Axar Patel and Jadeja and Kuldeep as a spin strong playing 11.”

Speaking exclusively on Star Sports Cricket Live, former India cricketer S. Sreesanth warranted his support for India’s T20 Vice Captain Hardik Pandya: “We have seen what he can do on the field minus this year’s IPL. The way he’s been batting and the way he’s been bowling, for the country, he even led the country in one series and we won. It was asked to Rohit about that and he said sometimes I’m the captain and sometimes I’m not. But that doesn’t change the team’s aura and atmosphere. So it’s one good thing that Hardik Pandya comes in and bats, especially when he’s chasing and Virat is on the other side, I think the combination they create is great. And Hardik can take the new ball or the old ball, especially against Pakistan, but it’s not only against Pakistan, we are going to play a lot of different teams, so it’s an opportunity for Hardik to forget what he’s done in this IPL and maybe, you never know, there are a few matches left and he may just come up.”

Speaking exclusively on Star Sports Cricket Live, former Australian cricketer Tom Moody highlighted what an important role Hardik Pandya plays in the WC 15 squad: “Name me three other people who can do what Hardik Pandya is doing. That’s the bottom line. That skill of being a genuine all-rounder who can bat in your top six and potentially bowl four overs for you is very rare in India at the moment. Yes there are a few others that play domestic cricket and are okay, but not in international cricket, which is a different standard. So I think he stands head and shoulders above anyone who is competing for that particular role. I think Ajit Agarkar has recognised that that is the case and we have to give him a longer rope with regards to his recovery, with regards to his form, and everything else, because he is a very precious commodity in this country.”

Speaking exclusively on Star Sports Cricket Live, former Australian cricketer Tom Moody shared his thoughts on the Shivam Dubey and his potential as a bowling option, saying,“I’d be incredibly surprised if Dubey hasn’t been doing his bowling workloads, which is basically, not bowling out in the middle in competition but bowling at practice and bowling in pre-games, getting his number of balls up per week to make sure that his body is conditioned to bowling. Even though he might not have to bowl in match situation, but he’s got the bowling, so its not like he hasnt bowled for two months and then suddenly called upon to bowl in a World Cup tournament. So, he’ll be up and ready physically for the opportunity. So, to me Shivam Dubey is a smart pick.”

Speaking exclusively on Star Sports Cricket Live, former Australian cricketer Tom Moody shared his thoughts on Rohit Sharma’s captaincy and Rinku Singh’s inclusion in the T20 World Cup Squad, saying,”That is great leadership by Rohit Sharma. Making sure you’re upfront, honest, and speaking to players, it’s easier to speak to someone when they’re included in the side. It’s always hard speaking to someone that’s been left out, particularly under those circumstances. So that’s why Rohit Sharma is so highly regarded around the playing group, is that he is a very, very good leader. And he’s got those soft skills, which are so important around communication. With Rinku Singh, I don’t think it matters how many runs he gets for the rest of the IPL. It’s got to do with the balance of the Indian side, and Ajit Agarkar was actually really clear in the way he explained it. It’s just got to do with the balance of the sides. And Rinku Singh has been left out purely because they wanted the extra all-rounder in Axar Patel to give them flexibility around that number seven position. And also the option of playing three spinners. It’s got nothing else to do with that because, you know, he’s up against Dubey. Dubey gives you the option of someone who can bowl medium pace as a sixth bowling option. And you need the two keepers. You can’t leave out any of the top order. You’re not leaving out Jaiswal, you’re not leaving out Rohit, you’re not leaving out Virat. So there’s just no room.”


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