Tighter monitoring of complaint redressal on the cards

Lucknow: Just like the monitoring of public complaints/problems received by senior officers posted in districts like District Magistrate, Police Captain, now the complaints coming to the Chief Development Officer and Deputy District Magistrate offices will also be monitored. Under the new system, the public complaint applications received in the CDO and SDM offices will be fed on the Public Hearing-Resolution System (IGRS). This will not only ensure timely disposal, but will also fix the accountability of the officers.

The settlement of complaints, the general public submits applications through the Chief Minister’s Office, Deputy Chief Minister’s Office, District Magistrate’s Office and Police Commissioner/Senior Superintendent of Police/Superintendent of Police Office, Sampoorna Samadhan Diwas (Tehsil Day), Police Station Solution Day, Public Facility Center, Government of India (PG Portal), Chief Minister Helpline 1076, Portal and App etc. There is a system of settlement of complaints by the concerned officers through the Public Hearing-Resolution System.

Recently, when the Chief Minister (CM Yogi) reviewed the public hearing, it was found that there are offices in the districts where public complaint applications are received, but the system of disposing of such letters by feeding them on the Jan Sunwai-Samadhan system is not in place. Applications related to important subjects are received daily in the Sub-District Magistrate Offices and Chief Development Officer Offices. Which are now being linked to IGRS.

Negligence in resolving public complaints will cost heavily

After the completion of the Lok Sabha elections, in a meeting held through video conferencing with senior officers posted in the field, the Chief Minister (CM Yogi) had clearly said that the Chief Minister Janta Darshan program has started once again and now the senior officers posted in the district, tehsil, block, range, zone should also start a regular program of public hearing. Officers will have to be present for public hearing from 10 am to 12 noon every day.

Officers should listen to the problems / complaints of the public with sensitivity and get them resolved appropriately within a fixed time frame.

No student should be deprived of school, this will be the biggest service to the country: Chief Minister Yogi
The Chief Minister (CM Yogi) had said in clear words to the officers, “The satisfaction of the public is the standard of your performance.” The Chief Minister (CM Yogi) intends that the difficulties / complaints of the public should be resolved with the sensitivity and dedication of the officers posted at the lowest level of the administration.


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