Tighter laws to check paper leak mafia in U.P.

paper leak mafia

Lucknow: The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday approved the Uttar Pradesh Public Examination Ordinance-2024 to conduct the examinations in a transparent and fair manner. In this ordinance, there is a provision of punishment ranging from two years to life imprisonment and a fine of up to one crore rupees against those guilty of paper leak. If the examination is affected due to paper leak or other reasons, the expenses will be reimbursed from the solver gang. There is also a provision to permanently blacklist the companies and service providers who commit irregularities in the examination.

Provision of fine of Rs 1 crore

Finance and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Suresh Khanna informed about the decisions of the cabinet meeting held in Lok Bhavan  under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Khanna said that a total of 44 proposals were placed before the cabinet, out of which 43 have been approved. The approved proposals also include the Prevention of Unfair Means and Paper Leak Ordinance 2024 in Public Examinations. The Finance Minister said that the Council of Ministers has approved the proposal of the ordinance regarding paper leak. Under this, if any institution or its associated people are caught, then there is a provision of punishment ranging from 2 years to life imprisonment and a fine of up to one crore rupees.

Under the ordinance, Public Service Commission, Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Board, Uttar Pradesh Board, University, Authority or Body or the institution nominated by them has also been included in it. This ordinance will also apply to any kind of recruitment examinations, regularization or promotion examinations, entrance examinations for degree-diploma, certificate or educational certificates. Under this, distributing fake question papers, creating fake employment websites etc. have been made punishable offenses. Under the ordinance, the culprits will be punished with 2 years to life imprisonment for violating the provisions of the Act, while a provision of a fine of one crore rupees has been made.

The rule will be implemented as soon as the process is completed
Minister Khanna said that if the examination is affected, then a provision has been made to recover the financial burden from the solver gang and to permanently blacklist the institution and service providers who commit irregularities in the examination. Under this, all crimes have been made cognizable, non-bailable and triable by the Sessions Court and non-compoundable. Strict provisions have also been made regarding bail. Currently, since the assembly session is not going on, it has been proposed to bring an ordinance in place of the bill. After the proposal is approved by the Council of Ministers, the process of the ordinance will be completed and after that it will be implemented.


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