This Ramadan pick your diet wisely

Lucknow: Around the globe, people celebrate Ramadan, the holy holiday of the Islamic faith, with tremendous delight and fervor. This year, Ramadan started on March 12 after Mecca’s lunar tour. Muslims practice “Roza,” a severe fast that lasts from sunrise to sunset throughout the 30 days of Ramadan. Suhoor, also known as Sehri, and Iftar, the two perfect meals of the Ramadan celebration, are consumed by those who are fasting. Iftar is the meal eaten after nightfall to break the fast, while suhoor is the meal taken before morning before the fast starts. All during the fast, individuals do not eat anything except for suhoor and iftar. It is important for people to consider their health while celebrating Rozas. These are some items you may eat during Suhoor so you can remain hydrated and energetic all day.


A hearty and satisfying item that is ideal for Suhoor meals are eggs. Eggs are quite flexible and may be eaten in many different ways, such as scrambled, boiled, poached, and hard-boiled. About 6 grams of protein, or the building blocks of protein, are contained in one egg, and these nine amino acids are all that are required. An very healthy morning routine is eating eggs first thing.


Oatmeal is another option for your Suhoor meals. Oats are cooked in milk or water to make muesli, the most popular breakfast item. Oats include a kind of fiber called beta-glucan, which is thought to improve blood sugar and cholesterol regulation, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, and maintain your energy levels throughout the day.


When it comes to eating, fish is among the healthiest options available to you. It is a meal that increases vitality and has a lot of nutrients that are good for general health. It’s crucial to remember, however, that eating fried fish could make you thirsty.

Produce and Fruits

For suhoor, fruits and vegetables provide the finest meal. For suhoor, grab some fresh fruits like oranges, melons, grapes, etc., and some cooked veggies. The high vitamin and water content of fruits and vegetables will keep you hydrated and energized throughout the day.

Seeds and Nuts

You may get the health advantages of eating nuts and seeds as well. Nuts and seeds are rich in important nutrients and antioxidants that help us avoid hunger and feel fuller for longer. Yogurt, a few fruits, and some nuts may be added before eating.

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