Things look better for sparrows in Uttar Pradesh

Banda: Sparrows, which chirp on the balconies and rooftops of houses, is gradually becoming extinct. Although it has not yet been calculated how much their numbers have decreased, their presence in small numbers is a clear indication that if they are not conserved, then in the future these birds will be limited to tales and stories.

Sensing this danger, Shobharam Kashyap, social worker of Banda and coordinator of bird save campaign, is making the path of breeding of birds easier by hanging nests made by his own hands at various places. Due to which now 1000 sparrow babies are born every year.

The declining population of sparrow is certainly a matter of concern, because it plays an important role in preserving the environment. In fact, in the changed environment, houses have been replaced by skyscrapers. There is no scope for sparrows to live in multi-storey buildings of modern architecture.

Here, the waves emanating from mobile towers are bent upon taking their lives. These waves have an adverse effect on the direction finding system of sparrows and their reproductive capacity. High temperature is also fatal for sparrows. Due to these reasons, sparrows are migrating from cities in search of food and nests, but they are not able to find food even in rural areas, because villages and villages are rapidly converting into cities.

A special campaign is being run in Banda for the conservation of sparrows. On Tuesday, a day before World Sparrow Day, social worker Shobharam Kashyap, engaged in the bird save campaign, took the campaign forward by building the 7108th nest at the residence of Banda Municipal Council councilor Ghanshyam Rajput.

Under this campaign started in 2010, so far five hundred and fifty nests have been tied on the trees at various places in the city including Forest Department’s nursery, Rani Durgavati Medical College, Mahila Mahavidyalaya. He also pledged to save the sparrows by arranging food and water for them in these nests. He tells that every year two sparrow babies are born in the nests built by him. In this way, about one thousand children are born every year. Our target is to build 16 thousand nests.

Social worker Shobharam Kashyap, who has been involved in the bird save campaign in Banda for the past several years, has been preparing nests from wooden kiosks used for fruits at his own expense for the conservation of sparrows. In his spare time at home, he cuts fruit boxes with a saw and prepares them by fixing them with nails, giving them a special structure. To attract the sparrows, they have chosen green color for their special house (nest). He is seen persisting in this campaign throughout the year along with some of his selected friends.

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